Nexon EV Max price starts from Rs 18.34 lakh
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Tata Nexon EV Max price increased by Rs 60,000.

After the price hike, the base variant of Nexon EV Max costs Rs 18.34 lakh. The price of Nexon EV and Tigor EV also increased.

Recently Tata Motors announced a price hike for its passenger vehicles. The company increased the price of all the models, including EVs.

The price of the Nexon EV Max increased by ₹ 60,000 across all trims.

It is available in four variants, XZ+ (3.3 kW charger), XZ+ (7.2 kW charger), XZ+ Lux (3.3 kW charger), and XZ+ Lux (7.2 kW charger).

The new and updated Ex-showroom price of all the variants are as follows:

  • XZ+ (3.3 kW charger) : ₹ 18,34,000.
  • XZ+ (7.2 kW charger) : ₹ 18,84,000.
  • XZ+ Lux (3.3 kW charger) : ₹ 19,34,000.
  • XZ+ Lux (7.2 kW charger) : ₹ 19,84,000.

The company has taken extensive measures to absorb significant portion of the increased input costs, the company said in a press statement after the price hike.

The price of the Nexon EV also increased. The price hike ranges from ₹ 20,000-45,000 across different variants. The updated Ex-showroom price of all variants of the Nexon EV is as follows:

  • XM : ₹ 14,99,000.
  • XZ+ : ₹ 16,30,000.
  • XZ+ Lux : ₹ 17,30,000.
  • Dark XZ+ : ₹ 16,49,000.
  • Dark XZ+ Lux : ₹ 17,50,000.

Tata Motors also launched the Nexon EV Prime update for all users. The update will unlock various smart features of the Nexon EV, such as Multi-Mode Regen, Automatic Brake Lamp Activation on Regen, Cruise Control, Indirect Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (iTPMS), Smartwatch integrated connectivity feature, and Charging Timeout of 110 seconds.

The price of the electric sedan Tigor EV also increased by ₹ 50,000 across all trims. The new Ex-showroom price of Tigor EV is mentioned below:

  • XE : ₹ 12,49,000.
  • XM : ₹ 12,99,000.
  • XZ+ : ₹ 13,49,000.
  • XZ+ DT : ₹ 13,64,000.

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