SK On to unveil its new prismatic battery and Cobalt Free battery at InterBattery 2023.
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SK On to unveil its new prismatic battery and Cobalt Free battery at InterBattery 2023.

SK On will reveal its diversified Cell Portfolio, which includes the new prismatic battery, LFP battery, Cobalt Free battery, and Solid-State battery at the InterBattery 2023 exhibition.

SK On, a battery manufacturer spun off from SK Innovation, has announced that it will be revealing a mock-up of its new prismatic battery at the upcoming InterBattery 2023 exhibition, which will be held at COEX in Seoul from March 15 to 17.

According to the company, the prismatic battery is characterized by its fast-charging speed and will enhance the charging speed of SK On’s Super Fast (SF) battery, which was awarded the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2023. The SF battery can charge up to 80% in just 18 minutes, and SK On claims that the prismatic battery will be even faster.

The launch of the prismatic cell will enable the company to reach more customers, as the company has mainly been producing pouch-type batteries until now. Last year, when the company participated in InterBattery for the first time after its spinoff from SK Innovation, the main theme of the company’s exhibition was “Power On,” which marked the beginning of SK On’s efforts to break through the market. This year, the theme will be “Move On,” reflecting the company’s business expansion and advancement.

The key highlight of SK On’s exhibition at InterBattery 2023 will be its diversified Cell Portfolio, which has not been disclosed so far. In addition to the prismatic battery, the company will also unveil its LFP battery and the Cobalt Free (Co-Free) battery, which excludes cobalt completely. The company will also be displaying all-solid-state batteries that incorporate its unique next-generation technology.

SK On has announced the successful development of a Co-Free battery, achieving this milestone over a year ahead of schedule. Typically, ternary lithium batteries have a shorter lifespan without cobalt due to structural instability, but the company has overcome this flaw and improved the energy density problem of Co-Free batteries through its proprietary high-nickel technology. By replacing cobalt with either nickel or manganese, the company expects to increase the price competitiveness of its batteries.

Additionally, SK On will showcase a prototype of its LFP battery at InterBattery 2023. While LFP batteries have a shorter driving range than ternary lithium batteries, they are cost-effective. The company has applied the material and electrode technology it accumulated through high-nickel batteries to LFP batteries, resulting in an improved driving range of 70% to 80% in cold weather.

SK On will also display a prototype of its all-solid-state batteries, which are under development as next-generation batteries. Choi Kyoung-hwan, leading the development of SK On’s next-generation batteries, will deliver a speech titled “All-Solid-State Batteries: SK On’s Technology Strategy for Safer Batteries” on the opening day of the exhibition. To realize a safer battery with high energy density, the company is currently developing sulfide-based all-solid-state batteries and high molecular/oxide-based all-solid-state batteries.

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