Canada Post announces its first depot using all-electric vehicles.
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Canada Post announces its first depot using all-electric vehicles.

Nanaimo, B.C. depot of Canada Post will use 14 fully electric vans for collection and delivery services, replacing internal combustion vehicles.

Canada Post has taken a significant step towards reducing its carbon footprint and meeting its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 by unveiling its first depot using battery-electric corporate delivery vehicles. The Nanaimo depot will now use 14 fully electric cargo vans for collection and delivery services, replacing internal combustion vehicles.

The move comes as part of Canada Post’s broader plan to electrify half of its national fleet of approximately 14,000 vehicles by 2030, with the ultimate goal of electrifying the entire fleet by 2040. By embracing electric vehicles, Canada Post aims to build a more sustainable future for Canadians, reduce its environmental impact and contribute to the country’s climate change goals.

The move to electric vehicles is not only good for the environment but also provides a host of benefits, including lower operating costs and improved driver experience. Battery-electric vehicles require less maintenance than their internal combustion counterparts and have a lower total cost of ownership.

Canada Post has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 through a science-based target. The company is taking several steps towards this goal, including retrofitting its facilities, constructing new net-zero carbon buildings, and sourcing renewable energy for its real estate and operations.

Additionally, Canada Post’s state-of-the-art parcel sorting facility in Scarborough, Ontario, the Albert Jackson Processing Centre, will operate as net-zero and process over a million packages a day.

With decades of experience experimenting with electric and low-emission vehicles, Canada Post is now in the initial stages of fleet electrification. The company is introducing electric vehicles at select plants and depots to assess the most effective equipment, charging infrastructure, and approaches to meet its operational needs.

Moreover, Canada Post has been testing innovative and sustainable delivery options such as e-cargo trikes, which can use bike paths, and a compact, low-speed electric cargo vehicle for certain neighborhood delivery routes. Canada Post plans to compete in the market for new vehicles in various categories.

Doug Ettinger, President and CEO of Canada Post, said: Over Canada Post’s long history, the postal service has always evolved to meet the changing needs of Canadians and businesses. Our transformation plan invests billions of dollars into service, capacity, and greening our operations – because we need to deliver for Canadians, whether that’s shipping parcels or helping to build a more sustainable future. When you look at the size of our network, this depot may be a small first step, but it’s an important one as we start to build momentum.

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