Joy e-bike launches MIHOS Electric Scooter.
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Joy e-bike launches MIHOS Electric Scooter.

The Joy e-bike MIHOS e-scooter has a range of 100 km and a top speed of 70 km/h. It is available for bookings across all the company's authorised dealerships.

WardWizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd., which operates the electric two-wheeler brand Joy e-bike, launched its new high-speed electric scooter ‘MIHOS’. It is a retro-looking scooter designed and developed by WardWizard’s R&D team in Vadodara.

The body panels of MIHOS are made with Poly Dicyclopentadiene Material (PDCPD), which provides additional durability and flexibility by absorbing maximum impact. The company will manufacture this scooter at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vadodara, Gujarat, and the deliveries will start in a phased manner across the country.

The Joy e-bike MIHOS has a 2.5 kWh 74V 40Ah Li-Ion based battery with Nickel Manganese Cobalt chemistry. It provides a range of 100km. The battery is designed to withstand shock loads and has undergone numerous industry-leading reliability tests. It also features an array of safety sensors, such as over current protection and the thermal cut-off for added protection in Indian weather conditions.

MIHOS is equipped with a 1500W motor, which provides a torque of 95 Nm. The top speed of the scooter is 70 km/h, and it can do 0-40 km/h in less than 7 sec. The scooter has twin disc brakes with an electronic braking system.

MIHOS is engineered with a focus on comfortable and user-friendly ergonomics. It boasts a spacious and long seat. The scooter’s dimensions are 1864mm in length, 700mm in width, and 1178mm in height. The wheelbase measures 1,360mm.

The scooter is designed keeping in mind the Indian road conditions and has a ground clearance of 175mm. To ensure comfort, it is equipped with a Telescopic suspension setup in the front and a mono reversible spring suspension at the rear. It also has safety features such as a Side Stand Sensor, and a Hydraulic Combi Braking System (CBS).

The Joy e-bike Mihos E-scooter is equipped with a variety of sensors that provide intelligent features for improved safety and ease of use. The ‘Joy E-connect app’ allows for one-tap control via Bluetooth. The scooter can be tracked, and the battery status can be monitored remotely.

The MIHOS also features GPS sensing, real-time positioning, and geo-fencing among other advanced features.

The scooter can detect vibrations when parked and can tell if it is being tampered with. It also comes with a smart remote control that automatically locks the scooter when tampering is detected. Additionally, the MIHOS is equipped with a regenerative braking system that improves the range of the vehicle by recharging the battery each time the brake lever is pulled.

Joy MIHOS is available for bookings across all the company’s authorised 600+ dealerships. It is available in four colour options - Metallic Blue, Solid Black Glossy, Solid Yellow Glossy, and Pearl White. The ex-showroom price of the scooter is ₹1,49,000.

WardWizard also unveiled the concept of its city electric motorcycle ‘Rockefeller’ at the expo. The company is planning to launch the motorcycle by the end of FY’24.

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