Tata Power to install 25000 EV chargers in India in the next five years.
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Tata Power to install 25000 EV chargers in India in the next five years.

Tata Power currently offers more than 3,600 public and semi-public EV chargers, as well as over 23,500 residential chargers.

Tata Power showcased its wide range of hi-tech EV charging solutions at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida. Visitors were given the opportunity to see the technology behind Tata Power’s extensive EV charging network.

One of the highlights of this experience was the award-winning, and highly popular Tata Power EZ Charge mobile app. This app provides a seamless user experience by allowing commuters to easily locate the nearest charging station, check the availability of charging points in real time, and receive updates on charging status.

Tata Power also announced its ambitious plan of establishing approximately 25,000 electric vehicle charging points nationwide - K2K (Kashmir to Kanyakumari), over the next five years. This plan is aimed at accelerating the adoption of e-mobility in the country.

Also on display was information about Tata Power’s unique Network Operations Center (NOC) located in Mumbai. This center plays a crucial role in the efficient management of charging stations across India. The NOC is integrated with the online platform that supports Tata Power’s EZ Charge services and has a real-time communication link with all onboard chargers. This helps in the early detection of technical issues and enables quick problem-solving, back-end system support, and proactive maintenance planning for charging infrastructure.

The company currently offers more than 3,600 public and semi-public chargers, as well as over 23,500 residential chargers. Many of these charging stations are also equipped with fast charging technology and are located in strategic places such as malls, hotels, airports, and office complexes.

Tata Power’s EV charging initiatives align with the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) of the Government of India. This plan aims to establish electric vehicle charging infrastructure using advanced technology and provide easy access to charging points for electric vehicles.

Currently, the company has a strong EV charging network in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Goa, Surat, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru. Tata Power is greatly supporting intercity and interstate EV travel by having a presence on over 60% of India’s existing national highways. This includes being present on India’s longest and most heavily trafficked highways.

Some of the key tourist spaces in the company’s network include Coonor, Vizag, Kozhikode, Chandigarh, Lonavala, Goa, Gangtok, Tirupati, Mahabaleshwar, Mussoorie, Agra, and Dehradun.

Key city connections include Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Agra, Delhi-Dehradun, Delhi-Jaipur, Mumbai-Goa, Mumbai-Lonavala, Mumbai-Pune, Hyderabad-Warangal, Hyderabad-Vijaywada, Bengaluru-Chennai, and Bengaluru-Mysore.

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