Autel launches new training center in Munich to offer hands-on training for clients.
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Autel launches new training center in Munich to offer hands-on training for clients.

The new Autel training center is equipped with hands-on exercises and showroom to train technicians on advanced tools and EV laws.

Autel, a leading supplier of diagnostic tools, equipment, and accessories in the automotive aftermarket, has announced the opening of its new training center in Munich, Germany. The facility is designed to offer practical training to technicians, providing them with a better understanding of Autel’s products and helping them to gain expertise in the installation and operation of the company’s electric vehicle chargers.

The new training center is equipped with a range of Autel MaxiChargers, including both AC and DC chargers for electric vehicles. Technicians can learn how to install and operate these chargers through hands-on exercises, rather than relying solely on Powerpoint presentations.

The center also features a showroom and a practical training area where Autel products can be showcased and tested directly on vehicles. Autel’s product range includes a variety of advanced tools, such as the Autel MaxiCharger AC and DC chargers, which are ideal for battery electronic vehicles. By practicing with these tools in the training center, technicians can become more confident in using them in the field.

In addition to the EV chargers, the training center also offers training on Autel’s new three-in-one tool, which combines general diagnostics, wheel alignment, and ADAS calibration. The center also features a classroom that can accommodate up to 10 technicians, where they can learn about Autel’s products and technologies, discuss topics, and receive instruction on compliance with EV laws set by the government.

We are proud to open our new training center in Munich, Germany,” said Michael Müller, professional trainer from Autel Europe. “Our new facility provides hands-on training for technicians, allowing them to better understand and use our products in their daily work. We invite everyone interested in green technology to come and visit us and learn more about Autel’s advanced tools.”

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