The Rugged Bike launched in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
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The Rugged Bike launched in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

eBikeGo partnered with mBnk to launch the Rugged Bike.

eBikeGo launched its electric bike Rugged in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. They partnered with mBnk to launch it.

The pre-booking of the electric bike is on. mBnk is offering free accessories worth ₹999 and 50% off on bike insurance on pre-booking it before 30th September.

You can pre-book the rugged bike at just ₹499 from this link-

Deliveries will start from November 2021.

Rugged Bike by eBikeGo launched with 160+ km range

Rugged Bike specifications and features

Rugged Bike is an electric bike made by eBikeGo. It is available in two variants- G1 and G1+, with prices of ₹84,999 and ₹1,04,999, respectively.

Price will go down further after the state subsidies.

The BLDC Hub motor of Rugged Bike is built in India. It has a peak power of 3kW and nominal power of 1.5kW. The motor has an IP67 rating.

The top speed is 75km/h in both models.

Rugged G1 has a Li-Ion battery of 1.9kWh, and G1+ has 2 Li-Ion batteries of a capacity 1.9kWh each. The battery pack is swappable and has an IP67 rating.

The Rugged G1 has a range of 80km, while G1+ has a range of 160km.

Charging the battery from 0-100% will take 4 hours. But since the battery pack is removable, you can easily swap it at charging stations.

You get 3 years or 20,000 km of warranty on the vehicle, battery, and charger.

This e-bike comes with a Combined braking system, and both the brakes are disc brakes.

The ground clearance of 175mm is enough for Indian roads. The kerb weight is 102kg. Under the seat, the storage space is 50L.

The Rugged Bike includes 12 built-in sensors. Using the Rugged App, you can unlock the bike, locate your vehicle, and navigate easily. The app also stores vehicle performance data and service records.

Safety feature includes Anti-theft feature, stand open/close sensors, and remote wheel brake lock.

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