Cruise control in a scooter: OLA S1 launched
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Ola Electric Scooter gets astonishing response- ₹ 1100+ crore sales in 2 days.

The purchase window will reopen again on 1 November, just in time for Diwali.

Ola Electric sold out the first batch of the S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters. The sale of the electric scooter started on 15th September, and in just two days they sold scooters worth over ₹ 1,100 crores.

The company didn’t reveal the exact number of scooters sold, but it might have been over lakh units.

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, said This is unprecedented, not just in the automotive industry, but it is one of the highest sales in a day (by value) for a single product in Indian e-commerce history.

The last 2 days have been exhilarating and humbling at the same time. All of us at Ola are thankful to all of you who have bought our products. You are the true new-age revolutionaries who are taking India to an electric future.

The electric scooters were sold through the Ola app. The purchase window is closed now, but the reservation is still on. You can reserve the scooter from the ola electric website at ₹499.

The second batch of sales will go live on 1st November 2021.

Coral red colour

Ola S1 and S1 pro specs.

The Ola Electric scooter comes in two variants- S1 and S1 Pro. The S1 model costs ₹99,999 and comes in 5 different colours, while the S1 Pro model costs ₹1,29,999 and is available in 10 vibrant colours.

The motor of this scooter has a peak power of 8.5kW and a peak torque of 58Nm. This scooter has three riding modes- Normal, Sports, and Hyper. In the hyper mode, the scooter achieves the highest speed of 115 km/h. The S1 Pro has a top speed of 115 km/h, and the S1 has a top speed of 90 km/h.

The Lithium-Ion battery in this scooter has a capacity of 3.92kWh. This battery provides a range of 181 km in the S1 pro model and 121 km in the S1 model.

The Ola S1 has lots of Digital technology in it. To begin with, Ola built an entirely new Operating System called the Move OS for the Ola S1. To operate the Move OS, you get a 7-inch touchscreen display. The company claims that it is the sharpest and brightest screen ever put in a scooter.

The computer in the scooter is designed by Ola. A 1.8 GHz octa-core processor with 3 GB ram powers this computer. It also has a 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

8.5kW peak power motor of the ola s1

Safety Features

Side stand alert, Anti-theft alarm, Predictive Maintenance, Auto indicator, Roadside assistance, Tamper alerts, and SOS alerts.

Other Features

Make calls, Access contacts, Send messages, Limp Home, OTA updates, Ride Journal, Dark mode, Auto brightness, Take me home lights, Remote boot unlock, Get home mode, Share your location, Track your scooter, Charge station suggestions, etc.

Full specification and features- Click Here!

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