Tesla updates the Model S.

Tesla Model S is now available in 3 variants- Long Range, Plaid, and Plaid+. Plaid+ becomes the fastest accelerating EV.

Tesla announced the updated version of its sedan Model S. The new version is known as Model S Plaid. It has got a lot of updates on the interior and few minor updates on the outside. The performance of the car is better than before.

Model S is now available in three variants:

  1. Long Range$79,990
  2. Plaid$119,990
  3. Plaid+ : $139,990

Elon Musk tweeted to confirm that the delivery of Model S Plaid will begin from February 2021.

Exterior Updates of New Tesla Model S

The new Model S Plaid is designed for efficiency. The wheels are now available in two sizes- 19 inches and 21 inches. The alloy design is all new. 

Tesla claims that the new Model S is the most aerodynamic production car on Earth. The front bumpers and air diffuser on the rear are redesigned. 

The roof of the car is still the same.

Interior of TEsla Model S Plaid.

Interior Updates of New Tesla Model S

The interior of the Model S Plaid is all new. The significant changes are a 17-inch horizontal display, a new yoke steering wheel, and redesigned second row.

New horizontal display of Model S.

The infotainment screen is now a horizontal display. It comes with a 2200×1300 resolution. Now it comes with a left-right tilt option. The driver can tilt the screen according to his comfort.

The ultra brightness, true colors, and exceptional responsiveness gives a better experience.

With a high-performance computer in the car, you can play games such as Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 on the big screen.

The AC vents are not visible. You can control it with the display.

Control AC vents by using the display.
Newly designed Yoke steering wheel inspired by fighter jets.

The new steering wheel known as Yoke steering lets you focus on driving. It looks futuristic. The inspiration for the design comes from fighter jets. 

There are no stalks and shiftings in the new model. All the buttons like blinkers, headlights, horns, etc are now on the fingertips of the driver.

Passengers seat of Tesla Model S.

The passenger’s row is also redesigned for three adults, with extra legroom, headroom, and an armrest.

You also get a mini display at the back for in-car gaming with new consoles. You can connect wireless controllers and play from any seat.

The car now has two wireless charging pads in the front, multi-device Bluetooth, and multiple USB-C fast charging ports. 

Small display for passengers.
Wireless charging pads in new Model S.

The audio system is also improved. It comes with 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system. Tesla Model S will be one of the first cars with active noise canceling technology.

New audio system in Model S with 22 speakers.

Performance Updates

The long-range Model S has Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. It comes with a range of 660km, acceleration of 0-100 in 3.1 seconds, and a top speed of 250km/h. 

It costs $79,990 (₹58,32,580).

Both the Plaid and Plaid+ variants are Tri-Motor All-Wheel drive. 

Range Top Speed 0-100km/h Price
Plaid 628km 321km/h 1.99s ₹87,48,870
Plaid+ 837+km 321km/h <1.99s ₹1,02,07,015
Storage space in Tesla Model S

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