Ola Electric to start its Battery Innovation Center in Bangalore next month
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Ola Electric to start its Battery Innovation Center in Bangalore next month.

Ola Electric is investing almost INR 4000 crores to build the Battery Innovation Center in Bangalore.

After constructing the world’s largest two-wheeler factory, Ola Electric is now fully prepared to launch one of the world’s largest EV cell R&D facility.

CEO of Ola Electric, Bhavish Aggarwal, today announced that Ola Electric is building a state-of-the-art Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Bangalore.

This EV cell R&D facility, known as Battery Innovation Center, will be one of the world’s largest( largest in Asia) and most advanced cell R&D facility.

Ola Electric is investing $500mn (almost ₹4000 crores) to build this R&D unit. More than 500 engineers and PhDs will work here to make the EV cell more advanced and efficient. Work at this facility will start next month.

The Physical Characteristics Lab of this R&D unit will consist of an X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy machine. This will perform quality checks on the raw materials procured for cell production.

Also, Ola is the first company in India to manufacture electrodes for Lithium-ion (NMC) cells. The Battery Innovation Center will have an automated assembly line for manufacturing both cylindrical and pouch cells.

The Computed Tomography machine at the facility will visualize the internal features of finished cells to check whether the cells are ready for use.

Ola Electric is also building its Gigafactory for mass production of EV cells. The factory starts next year.

All these innovations and investments will help Ola become a vertically integrated company. It will also power India’s journey toward becoming a global EV hub.

A few days ago, Bhavish Aggarwal revealed Ola’s first indigenously made EV cylindrical cell. On Independence Day this year, Ola Electric will make announcements related to cell manufacturing, the upcoming Ola Electric car, and more two-wheeler products.

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Machines at the Ola Battery Innovation Center in Bangalore

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