New Electric Scooter for last-mile delivery by Kabira Mobility- Hermes 75

This new e-scooter is designed for delivery purpose and have a range of 120km per charge.

EV manufacturing company from Goa Kabira Mobility launched a new electric scooter- Hermes 75. This e-scooter is designed specifically for last-mile delivery.

Kabira Mobility researched top delivery companies like Zomato, DHL, Swiggy, and Amazon and concluded that the last-mile delivery vehicles are mostly petrol and are not made for delivery purposes. 

All these petrol vehicles emit more than 40,00,000 kg of CO2 and cause lots of pollution. 

To solve this problem, Kabira Mobility came up with this eco-friendly scooter Hermes 75. It is designed by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the delivery industry. 

The total payload capacity of Hermes 75 is 150 kg, and all the weight can be put inside the back carrier. With the carrier in this scooter, the delivery person doesn’t have to carry a bag at the back, and he can comfortably ride it. 

The Faux Vinyl seats provide extra comfort to the rider on a long journey. 

Hermes 75 Specifications

Hermes 75 comes with a 2.4kWh swappable Li-Ion battery. It has a range of 120km, which is enough for deliveries within a city. The top speed of 80km/h will make sure that the delivery won’t get delayed. The riding cost is just ₹0.10 per km.

It has a 2500W BLDC Hub motor. The motor is made by an Indian company Delta EV.

Hermes 75 e-scooter is manufactured at the Kabira Mobility’s plant in Goa, India. The company claims that 92% of the supply chain is localised. For example, tires are made by Ceat and motor by Delta EV.

Hermes 75 being manufactured at Kabira Mobility’s plant in Goa.

This scooter comes with good quality disc brakes, a Digital dashboard, and LED headlamps.

The price of this scooter starts from ₹89,600

It is available for both single customers as well as business owners. You can visit their website and get a quote. 

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