Fisker announces Deftpower as its European public charging platform provider.
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Fisker announces Deftpower as its European public charging platform provider.

Deftpower will provide Fisker Ocean owners access to over 425,000 public charging points across Europe.

Fisker, the California-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has announced a partnership with Deftpower, a leading provider of EV charging software solutions, to expand its EV charging network in Europe. Under the agreement, Deftpower will serve as Fisker’s European mobility service provider, providing Fisker Ocean owners with access to one of Europe’s largest aggregated public charging networks.

Deftpower currently aggregates over 425,000 public charging stations across 900 different charging operators into one convenient, comprehensive charging network that has grown 32% in the past year. Fisker Ocean owners in Europe will be able to use the FLEX Charge app to locate, access, and pay for public EV charging with transparent pricing.

In addition to this comprehensive charging network, Fisker will also offer Ocean customers in Europe access to one year of free charging at over 30,000 eligible charging ports on the Allego network through the FLEX Charge app. This feature is unique to the company and highlights its commitment to making EV ownership as convenient and affordable as possible.

Starting with the launch of the Ocean in European countries, Deftpower’s charging network will be accessible to Ocean owners. The FISKER FLEX Charge app and the Ocean’s navigation system will allow owners to locate Deftpower-affiliated charging stations. At launch, owners will be able to filter searches for DC fast charge locations, conduct basic EV route planning, and estimate arrival times at charging stations. Owners can easily initiate and pay for charging sessions by using a Fisker-provided RFID card or the FLEX Charge app, which will also provide information on charge tariffs.

“With Deftpower, we are providing a comprehensive European public charging solution for Fisker owners at delivery. The minute they get their new Ocean, our owners want convenient and easy-to-locate public charge stations, a seamless experience when using a public charger, and super-simple payment options,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. “Partnering with Deftpower gives our owners excellent charging convenience and choice.”

Fisker’s highly anticipated all-electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean, is available in four different trim levels: the limited edition Ocean One, as well as the Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. The Fisker Ocean One and Extreme trims have a remarkable driving range of up to 630 km2 on a single charge, and come equipped with dual-motor, all-wheel-drive, three driving modes, a Revolve 17.1″ rotating screen, SolarSky roof, California Mode, Smart Traction, and a range of innovative safety features. Among these, the Fisker Ocean boasts the world’s first digital radar, setting it apart from its competitors in the EV market.

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