Ampere partners with BLive to promote EV tourism
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Ampere partners with BLive to promote EV tourism.

EV company Ampere Electric has partnered with BLive to promote EV tourism across India.

BLive is India’s first Electric Vehicle Experience platform. It is a travel tech platform that offers e-bikes for tourism. It was formed in 2018, and currently, BLive is available in 15 tourist destinations across 9 states in India.

With BLive, you can easily book an e-bike. According to your needs, you can book an e-bike for few hours or a month.

After this partnership, BLive will offer Ampere electric scooters to tourists to explore places in a clean and green way.

Speaking of the partnership, Roy Kurian, COO, Ampere Vehicles, We are excited to partner with BLive. This association will enhance the electrification in the last mile with eco-friendly mobility solutions. With fleets adopting EVs, we will speed up the move towards sustainable tourism. The association will prove that EVs can be a great commuting option when it comes to multiple short-distance trips & even long-distance intracity travel.

On the partnership, Samarth Kholkar & Sandeep Mukherjee Co-Founders of BLive said, Ampere Vehicles are one of the top electric vehicles in the country and we feel happy to play a crucial part in achieving the India Electrified dream. This is the first of its kind partnership and we believe that the ecosystem coming together and joining hands to promote the adoption of clean & affordable mobility solutions, much faster. BLive is present across nine states and over 15 locations and has already conducted over 16000 EV tours. The top-rated experiences have given consumers firsthand access to EVs.

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