SK On Unveils Diverse Portfolio of Battery Technologies at InterBattery 2023.
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SK On Unveils Diverse Portfolio of Battery Technologies at InterBattery 2023.

SK On showcases the NCM9+ battery model, Cobalt-Free cells, LFP batteries, and Prismatic Cells with super fast charging capability at InterBattery 2023 in Seoul.

Seoul, South Korea - SK On, one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers, is participating in InterBattery 2023, which is being held at the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul from March 15 to 17. Hosted by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, InterBattery is one of Korea’s most significant battery exhibition events, attracting hundreds of battery companies and tens of thousands of visitors every year.

This year, SK On’s exhibition at InterBattery is centered around the main theme of “Move On,” which reflects the company’s business expansion and growth. The company’s participation in the event is attracting a great deal of attention, as it is unveiling a diverse battery portfolio that includes not only the well-known pouch types but also prismatic batteries, LFP, and cobalt-free cells, for the first time.

SK On is showcasing its latest developments in battery technology at InterBattery 2023, including the NCM9+ which won the Innovation Award at CES 2023. This new battery model is an improved version of NCM9, which was developed by SK On as the world’s first battery model to have a nickel ratio of over 90%. The company has completed the development of NCM9+ and is now awaiting its mass production.

The highlight of SK On’s exhibition at InterBattery this year is the unveiling of several new battery cell models. Among these is the “Cobalt Free” (Co-Free) battery, which SK On developed more than a year ahead of its target date. Ternary lithium batteries, represented by NCM (Nickel/Cobalt/Manganese), typically have a limited lifespan due to structural instability when cobalt is removed. However, SK On overcame this flaw by applying its original coating and doping technique. With its own High Nickel (High-Ni) technology, SK On is also able to improve the energy density of Co-Free batteries and extend the driving range.

In addition to the Co-Free battery, SK On is also exhibiting prototype LFP batteries, which typically have reduced mileage in cold weather. However, SK On has used its material and electrode technology, which was originally developed for high-nickel batteries, to improve the mileage of LFP batteries in cold temperatures by up to 70-80%. Although LFP batteries have a shorter driving range than ternary lithium batteries, they can be produced at a lower cost, making them an attractive option for certain applications.

Another highlight of SK On’s exhibition is the prismatic cell, which offers fast charging speeds. This new battery technology was introduced after SK On won the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2023 for its Super Fast (SF) battery, which can charge up to 80% in 18 minutes. The prismatic cell promises even faster charging speeds than the SF battery, generating significant interest from visitors before the start of InterBattery 2023.

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