Simple One test rides to begin from 20th July
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Simple One test rides to begin from 20th July.

Simple One test rides can be booked from the company's official website.

Simple Energy finally announced the dates for test ride of its electric scooter. The test rides will begin on July 20th, 2022.

The company announced the dates for 13 cities in 12 states.

The first phase will begin on the 20th of July in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Test ride dates of all the cities are as follows:

  1. Bangalore: 20-22 July.
  2. Chennai: 26-27 July.
  3. Hyderabad: 31-01 July-Aug.
  4. Pune: 05-06 Aug.
  5. Mumbai: 05-06 Aug.
  6. Panaji: 10-11 Aug.
  7. Ahmedabad: 15-16 Aug.
  8. Indore: 20-21 Aug.
  9. Jaipur: 25-26 Aug.
  10. New Delhi: 30-31 Aug.
  11. Lucknow: 04-05 Sep.
  12. Patna: 09-10 Sep.
  13. Bhubaneshwar: 14-15 Sep.

Customers can reserve slots for rides on the company’s official website.

The deliveries of Simple One will begin in September, 2022.

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