Electric cab service provider ENVI
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Electric cab service provider ENVI raises seed funds from Bestvantage investments.

The app-based B2C EV taxi aggregator ENVI has so far onboarded close to 100 EVs in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru-based startup Malbork Technologies has raised seed funds for its EV-only taxi service ENVI from Bestvantage Investments and marquee investors.

Envi is an environmentally friendly electric vehicle only taxi service provider in Bengaluru. It was founded in 2018 by N Sanjeev Kumar.

Since 2018, Envi has onboarded close to 100 EVs. The startup has collaborated with EV manufacturers, fast charger manufacturers, drivers, and local government bodies to take the EV ecosystem to the next level.

The startup will use the funds to take more electric cars on lease and hire new talents to optimise the team for its future goals.

Envi has introduced some innovative and customer-focused features like choose your driver, no driver cancellations, sustainability, no surge pricing, etc. All these customer-focused features have helped Envi to grow its revenue steadily.

Founder of Envi, N Sanjeev Kumar, said: We are developing a sustainable transportation paradigm to improve one’s quality of life in our communities through the deployment of zero-emission electric vehicles and the employment of low-income community people. We are expanding the number of electric vehicles on the road and producing social value in collaboration with our EV manufacturers, fast charging partners, driver community, and local government bodies.

Raman Sharma, the founder of Bestvantage investments, said: We are proud to collaborate with ENVI and help them close the seed round. We believe deeply in the ethos of sustainability and would want to thank all our investors who supported us in this cause.

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Electric cab service provider ENVI
Electric cab service provider ENVI closes its seed rounds.

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