Zeeba Automotive Group partners with Ford to expand fleet electrification support.
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Zeeba Automotive Group partners with Ford to expand fleet electrification support.

Zeeba Automotive Group adds Ford electric vehicles and charging stations to its customer-centric fleet management operations.

Zeeba Automotive Group, Inc., a customer-centric fleet management company (FMC), has announced that it is expanding its support for fleet management electrification to its customers by leveraging Ford’s vehicles and Ford Pro charging solutions. The agreement between Zeeba and Ford includes the purchase of Ford Pro AC Charging Stations that will be able to charge any vehicle make and model in Zeeba’s fleet.

These charging stations will be equipped with a software subscription that supports over-the-air (OTA) software updates, which will help optimize Zeeba’s charging operations. The charging stations are planned to be installed in various locations around the Southern California region.

In addition to the charging stations, Zeeba will add nearly 250 Ford electric vehicles to its fleet, which includes Mach-E SUVs, E-Transit vans, and F-150 Lightning pickup trucks. These electric vehicles offer a multitude of benefits to Zeeba’s last-mile service providers, including an abundance of cargo and passenger space, as well as unique capabilities per vehicle.

The move towards electric vehicles is not only beneficial for Zeeba’s last-mile service providers but also for the environment. Increasing the number of electric vehicles in the fleet will reduce tailpipe emissions, providing fleet owners with significant operating savings compared to gasoline and diesel alternatives.

“Our fleet electrification goal is to transition 50 percent of our fleet to electric vehicles by 2024. Ford Pro’s vehicles, charging solutions and software will help us reach our goal,” said Kayvon Marashi, Chief Executive Officer at Zeeba. “The charging component to fleet electrification is critical and we’re thrilled to work with Ford Pro to implement the charging infrastructure needed to meet our customers’ electric needs.”

“We look forward to working with Zeeba to help them meet their fleet electrification goals,” said Philip Podgorny, Ford Pro, General Manager, Commercial and Government Sales. “Zeeba’s foresight to implement charging infrastructure and software will help them stay ahead of the curve to meet their customers’ long-term needs.”

“Our customers are beginning to transition to an electric fleet where they see long-term value to their businesses. We are very excited about working with Ford Pro by offering customers a variety of electric vehicles and match their changing demands and critical business needs,” said Mike Paletz, Chief Strategy Officer at Zeeba.

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