Yadea Unveiled its High-Performance Electric Motorcycles in Hungary.
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Yadea Unveiled its High-Performance Electric Motorcycles in Hungary.

Yadea unveiled Keeness, VlotGuard, Fierider, and E8S models at the famous Hungaroring circuit in Hungary.

Yadea, a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, has announced its first-ever test ride event, which was held at the famous Hungaroring circuit in Hungary. Attendees had the chance to experience Yadea’s latest models and witness the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

One of the standout models on display was the Yadea Keeness, a high-performance electric motorcycle equipped with a self-developed 10 kW mid-drive motor that can reach a maximum speed of 100KM/H. This bike is perfect for thrill-seekers, and its dual 72V/32Ah lithium batteries have ultra-high energy density and are removable for easy charging, making it an ideal choice for those who want to travel light without worrying about low battery anxiety.

The Yadea Keeness also boasts a sleek design, with the outline of an airplane wing expressing a sense of speed and power that appeals to the new generation of riders who seek excitement and individuality.

In addition to the Yadea Keeness, the test ride event also showcased other models with high performance, such as the Yadea VlotGuard and Yadea Fierider. These electric motorcycles offer racing enthusiasts an exciting ride and are sure to delight those who are passionate about speed and performance.

Yadea’s E8S model is an exceptional electric scooter with a self-developed TTFAR range-extended system. It is equipped with a powerful 3000W TTFAR motor and a 72V/38Ah graphene battery, which has an extra-large plate grid that increases the capacity by about 20%-25% in the same volume as other batteries. The battery’s overall range is also significantly increased by about 50%, and its lifetime is three times longer than that of other batteries. This impressive technology comes with a two-year warranty, making it a reliable and cost-effective option for users in Hungary.

Yadea is committed to providing efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions to users in Hungary and is filling a gap in the market with their innovative technology. The recent event at the Hungaroring showcased Yadea’s passion for sustainable green transportation, and their electric scooters have been well received by the Hungarian market.

As a global enterprise, Yadea has built a network of over 40,000 retailers worldwide and provided the best products and services to more than 70 million users. Their focus on green technology innovation, with the slogan “Electrify Your Life,” demonstrates their commitment to delivering superior electric mobility solutions and creating a new generation that embraces a low-carbon lifestyle. Yadea aims to bring a wonderful journey and the ultimate riding experience to human beings, and their expansion of distribution channels in Hungary is a testament to this commitment.

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