XPeng announces November 2022 vehicle delivery results
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XPeng announces November 2022 vehicle delivery results.

XPeng delivered 5,811 EVs in November 2022, and the total cumulative deliveries reached 109,465.

Chinese EV company XPeng announced the vehicle delivery results for November 2022. In November, XPeng delivered 5,811 EVs. The company also faced challenges because of COVID-related restrictions and disruptions in China.

The deliveries of its flagship SUV G9 increased in November. The Company delivered 1,546 G9 SUVs to customers against a challenging operating backdrop which affected G9’s production ramp-up and delivery services in certain areas.

As of November 30, 2022, year-to-date deliveries reached 109,465, representing a 33% increase year-over-year. XPeng expects that deliveries will significantly increase in December 2022 as G9’s production ramp-up accelerates under normalized operating conditions.

G9 is the fourth production model of XPeng. It is the world’s fastest-charging EV. It supports up to 480 kW of charging. The top model variant of G9 offers a maximum CLTC range of 702 km, leading the mid-size SUV class. The other two versions of G9 offer up to 570 km and 650 km (4WD) of CLTC range.

Recently, the G9 SUV became the first unmodified commercial vehicle to qualify for autonomous driving tests on designated public roads in China. It successfully obtained the Guangzhou Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road Test Permit.

The G9 SUV is equipped with XPENG’s second-generation ADAS, XNGP, featuring industry-first full-scenario driver assistance. G9 uses 31 sensors, including front-mounted dual-LiDAR sensors and a front-view camera for advanced object detection that helps in autonomous driving.

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