XCharge revolutionizes EV charging landscape with DC fast charger installation in New Kent, Virginia.
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XCharge revolutionizes EV charging landscape with DC fast charger installation in New Kent, Virginia.

Working to electrify travel corridors, XCharge North America deploys their DCFC solution in one of America's EV charging deserts.

XCharge North America has successfully installed a high-powered DC Fast charging (DCFC) port option at the Colonial Downs Pit Stop on I-64 in New Kent, Virginia. This installation marks a pivotal moment, demonstrating that solutions can be tailored to the existing North American electrical grid.

The new Smart DC Charger station boasts an impressive charge rate of up to 95kW, enabling most transiting EVs to be fully charged within just 30 minutes. This milestone achievement not only addresses the longstanding need for accessible charging along this travel corridor but also sets an example for overcoming the cost hurdle associated with EV charging infrastructure.

Partnering with Virginia Clean Cities, XCharge North America aims to upgrade EV charging services and electrify the New Kent area, which has been recognized as one of America’s most underdeveloped charging deserts. Situated halfway between the bustling Richmond area and the popular tourist destination of Williamsburg, New Kent lies on a well-traveled route towards attractions like the Outer Banks and Virginia Beach.

By installing XCharge’s innovative DCFC unit at the Colonial Downs Pit Stop, the company is showcasing that implementing EV charging infrastructure can be a streamlined and financially viable process. With the potential for a return on investment (ROI) through EV charging, smaller or local business owners, such as the Pit Stop stations, can benefit from lower initial costs while contributing to environmental sustainability.

This collaboration presents an excellent opportunity for small regional players who possess an in-depth understanding of the local area and can cater to the needs of its residents. The introduction of Level-3 fast chargers in consumer-friendly locations is expected to boost EV adoption, reduce carbon emissions, and provide crucial financial support to local businesses.

“The electrification of this major corridor serves as the perfect example for bringing accessible EV charging across the U.S.” explains Aatish Patel, President and co-founder of XCharge North America. “Without accessible charging along this corridor and many others, EV drivers could become stranded, or worse. This installation in New Kent, as well as an upcoming deployment in Middleburg, demonstrates the need for democratization of EV charging and access along these highway corridors, especially in high-demand areas.”

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