Wallbox and Uber extend their partnership to provide discounted EV chargers to drivers in Europe.
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Wallbox and Uber extend their partnership to provide discounted EV chargers to drivers in Europe.

Through the partnership with Wallbox, Uber drivers in Europe will be able to purchase a home charger with installation for a discounted price.

EV charging and energy management solutions provider, Wallbox has extended its partnership with Uber to provide Uber drivers in Europe with home EV chargers at a discounted rate. This partnership was officially launched in the USA and Canada in 2021, and now the companies have extended it to the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, and Belgium.

Uber aims to become a zero-emissions platform in Europe by 2030, with 100% EV in cities such as London as early as 2025. Drivers are going electric in Europe nearly 5x faster than average European private car owners, with 6.2% of Kms driven on the Uber platform across the region now being fully electric.

Access to charging, both at home and on-street, remains a key barrier for drivers making the switch. As part of the partnership, drivers on the Uber platform will be able to purchase a home charger plus installation from Wallbox at a discounted rate.

Masud Rabbani, CBO Wallbox, said: We are delighted to expand our successful partnership with Uber. At Wallbox, we want to make the transition to EV as smooth and simple for drivers as possible and we believe our products offer that to drivers on the Uber platform around Europe. We look forward to this partnership developing over the coming years.

Chris Hook, Head of Global Sustainability Strategy at Uber, said:

We want to be the cleanest mobility platform on the planet, becoming a 100% electric platform across Europe by 2030. Partnerships with private and public stakeholders will be key to this success.

“Drivers consistently tell us that lack of easily accessible charging is an important concern. By expanding our collaboration with Wallbox in Europe we hope this will help address this key barrier for switching to EVs and help ensure drivers can make the switch as seamlessly and as soon as possible.”

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