Ather 450X e-scooter
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Upgrade your Ather 450 to the Ather 450X.

Get an Ather Health Certificate for your scooter and upgrade your Ather 450 to the Ather 450X.

Upgrading to Ather 450X from the 450 model is now a simple process. Ather Energy kicked off the Ather Certified Pre-Owned Program, which is the first step for this upgradation. 

Two of the main steps for this are – a health certificate for your Ather 450 and connecting with a buyer. 

If you are eligible for this program, Ather will reach out to you via email. They will begin this process and register you for it.

To upgrade your Ather 450 to the Ather 450X do the following steps:

Register yourself as a seller

To register yourself as a seller, you have to fill a form. This form will have details of your vehicle, usage, and ownership. 

Eligibility to register yourself as a seller:

  • You should own an Ather 450.
  • You have pre-ordered the Ather 450X.

Book a slot for the Ather Health Certificate (AHC)

After you fill-up the form, you’ll get a link to book an appointment for the Ather Health Certificate(AHC).
The Ather Health Certificate will give you a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of the scooter and the health of the battery pack. This will help you while negotiating with potential buyers.

Complete the payment for the Ather Health Certificate

You have to pay a fee of ₹1695 to get an AHC. This fee will be applied as a discount when you purchase the Ather 450X. 

Follow these steps before going to the service center for the AHC:

  1. Let your scooter’s battery drain to less than 20%.
  2. If you were riding before this, let the vehicle rest for about 30 minutes before plugging it in.
  3. Leave the vehicle plugged in to charge fully overnight.
Upgrade your Ather 450 to the Ather 450X
Upgrade your Ather 450 to the Ather 450X

Visit the service center for the AHC

The AHC evaluation will be done at the service center. After that, you’ll get the AHC in your email.

Meet with a buyer

Ather have a dedicated support team who’ll connect you with potential buyers based on the matching requirements. 

After you sell your Ather 450, you can go ahead and book the Ather 450X. The AHC fee would be applied as a discount.

Source- Ather Energy Forum.


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