TuneIn partners with Fisker to provide high-quality audio streaming to Ocean.
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TuneIn partners with Fisker to provide high-quality audio streaming to Ocean.

Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV to come pre-installed with the TuneIn app, offering access to live sports, news, and music channels without interruption.

TuneIn, the world’s leading live-streaming audio service, announced today a new partnership deal with Fisker, the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer. Under the terms of the agreement, Fisker’s upcoming Ocean all-electric SUV will come pre-installed with TuneIn’s app, giving drivers access to a wide range of high-quality audio content, from live sports programming to commercial-free music channels.

In addition to the pre-installed app, the partnership includes a special offer for first-year Fisker drivers, who will receive a six-month free trial of TuneIn’s Premium subscription. This premium service offers access to live NHL and college sports programming, as well as over 20 commercial-free music channels. Drivers will also have access to top-tier news networks, including ESPN Radio, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News Radio, without any advertising interruptions.

TuneIn is dedicated to revolutionizing the future of transportation by offering superior in-vehicle listening experiences. One of the major challenges faced by electric vehicles is radio interference caused by their powerful batteries. However, TuneIn’s seamless integration provides a solution to this issue by delivering live, high-quality radio and other audio content directly to EVs, free from any signal disruption caused by batteries. This allows drivers to continue enjoying their favorite content while commuting or running errands, without compromising on their choice of vehicle.

TuneIn is a truly global audio streaming service, available in over 100 countries and across a wide range of devices and vehicles, totaling more than 200 options. The platform can also be accessed through various voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby, making it easy for users to enjoy their favorite content hands-free. Additionally, TuneIn has integrated with popular speaker brands including Sonos, Bose, and numerous smart speakers, ensuring users can enjoy seamless audio streaming at home or on the go.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO of Fisker, said: At Fisker, we are designing the world’s most sustainable vehicles and providing our customers with the level of technology that they are increasingly going to demand in the 21st century. A centerpiece of the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV is a 17.1-inch rotating touchscreen that creates a spectacular environment for customers to enjoy TuneIn’s market-leading content offerings, which we are delighted to deliver to our owners in both North America and Europe.

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