Top 10 Electric Scooters Without License In India (2024)

Electric scooters in India enjoy an edge over all other electric vehicles—they can be ridden without a license or registration! This makes them an excellent choice for young teenagers and older folks who either aren’t old enough to ride or prefer a slower, safer vehicle to run their daily errands.

So, if you are planning to buy a no-license electric scooter in India, this blog will give you some great recommendations. 

Read on as we talk about ten electric scooters you can ride without a license in India.

Can You Ride An Electric Scooter Without A License In India?

Before I tell you about the best electric scooters you can ride without a license, let me clarify: Not all electric scooters are license-free.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, having a valid driving license is mandatory to drive any motor vehicle, including electric scooters. As a result, you need a driving license for most electric scooters available in the market.

But of course, there is a pleasant twist: According to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, electric scooters with a top speed of up to 25 km/hour and a peak power of up to 250 Watts are not considered motor vehicles. Hence, they can be ridden without a license!

Besides, the minimum age for riding an electric scooter is 16 years. Unless you are 16 or older, you cannot ride a license-free electric scooter in India.

Due to their low speeds, license-free electric scooters are much safer to ride. They are best for young teenagers and the elderly, though they can be used by people of any age.

List of 10 Electric Scooters That Don’t Require A License In India

All license-free electric scooters have the same top speed (25 kph) and peak power rating (250 W). So, I looked at other key features like range per charge and charging time to curate this list. 

Here’s an overview of ten license-free electric scooters that shine in these aspects:

ModelCharging TimeMax Range Per ChargePrice (INR)
Ampere Reo Li Plus5-6 hours70 km59,900
Okinawa Lite4-5 hours60 km69,093
Hero Electric Atria LX4-5 hours85 km77,690
Kinetic Green Zing Big B3 hours100 km79,990
Gemopai Ryder 4 hours120 km 70,850
EeVe Xeniaa 2.03-4 hours80 km86,999
EOX E13-4 hours80 km72,999
Lohia Oma Star4-5 hours70 km51,750
Yulu Wynn4-6 hours68 km55,555
Okinawa R305 hours60 km61,998

[DISCLAIMER: The prices mentioned above are the ex-showroom prices in Delhi. The exact price may vary based on your nearest dealer’s location.]

1. Ampere Reo Li Plus – ₹59,900

Ampere Reo Li Plus
Source: Ampere Greaves Electric Mobility
Range per charge70+ km
Battery Capacity1.3 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time5-6 hours
HighlightsUSB port, ignition switch, drum brakes

Ampere launched the Reo Li Plus model in India in 2023, and the e-scooter didn’t take long to make a mark. 

Reo Li Plus claims to provide a range of over 70 km with a single charge. It boasts a 1.3 kWh Lithium-ion battery that takes around 5-6 hours to charge. 

The performance is topped off by convenience, thanks to a wide leg room that makes you comfortable and a hydraulics telescopic suspension that ensures smooth, jerk-free rides. 

The mechanical drum brakes ensure efficient braking. However, they can be a put-off if you prefer disc brakes. 

Ampere Rio Li Plus comes in four colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Orange.

2. Okinawa Lite – ₹69,093

Okinawa Lite
Source: okinawascooters
Range per charge60 km
Battery Capacity1.25 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time4-5 hours
HighlightsUSB charging port, Auto Handle Lock, Push Type Pillion Footrest

At INR 69,000, Okinawa Lite is one of the most budget-friendly scooters in the market. However, the price is just one of its highlights. 

The scooter can roll along the road for up to 60 km with each full charge. The Lithium-ion battery takes about 4-5 hours to charge fully and is detachable, which means you can charge it anywhere.

Okinawa Lite scores high on comfort and safety, too. The seat height of 740 mm is just right for a comfortable riding experience. 

The Push-Start on/off Feature makes everything more convenient. It is equipped with an electronic anti-locking braking system (E-ABS) for improved safety, as well as front disc brakes and rear drum brakes for optimal braking.

The e-scooter comes in five colors: Blue, Cyan, Red, White, and yellow.

3. Hero Electric Atria LX – ₹77,690

Hero Electric Atria LX
Source: Heroelectric
Range per charge85 km
Battery Capacity1.54 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time4-5 hours
HighlightsCruise Control, Walk Assist, Daytime Running Lights

Hero Electric Atria LX is one of the most trusted electric scooters in the market. It boasts a range of 85 km on a single charge, which takes about 4-5 hours.

The e-scooter flaunts many great features, such as a digital instrument cluster in the cockpit and LED lights at the front and back. The telescopic suspension ensures bump-free rides. 

However, the biggest highlight is Cruise Control. It automatically maintains a constant speed, adding to the overall riding convenience. 

Atria LX is available in two colors: Red and Grey.

4. Kinetic Green Zing Big B – ₹79,990

Kinetic Green Zing Big B
Source: Kineticgreen
Range per charge100 km
Battery Capacity1.7 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time3 hours
FeaturesIgnition Lock, Alloy Rim, Instrument Cluster

Kinetic launched Zing Big B as an upgraded version of its Zing model. 

It offers an attractive range of 100 km per charge, which makes it one of the best low-speed e-scooters in the market. It also flaunts a low charge time of around 3 hours, which is quite impressive for its 1.7 kWh battery.

Several other key features make Zing BIG B an ideal choice as a no-license scooter. These include an integrated footrest, an alloy rim, and keyless entry. 

You can get this model in one of the three available colors: Magic Blue, Romantic Red, and Royal White.

5. Gemopai Ryder – ₹70,850

Gemopai Ryder
Source: Gemopai
Range per charge90-120 km
Battery Capacity1.7/2.16/2.88 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time4 hours
HighlightsKeyless Entry, Digital Speedometer, LED lights, USB charging port

Gemopai Ryder is currently among the most cost-efficient electric scooters in the market. The model has three variants priced at ₹70,850, ₹75,794, and ₹84,302. 

The range per charge varies between 90 and 120 km across the three variants. And the battery capacity ranges from 1.7 to 2.88 kWh.

The keyless entry, the wide foot space, and the center stand together make for a convenient riding experience. The front disc brakes and read drum brakes facilitate smooth and optimal braking, while the hydraulic suspensions ensure smooth rides. 

Gemopai Ryder offers a wide range of color options: Blue, Red, Grey, Gold, White, and Black.

6. EeVe Xeniaa 2.0 – ₹86,999

EeVe Xeniaa 2.0
Range per charge70-80 km
Battery Capacity1.8 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time3-4 hours
HighlightsBluetooth, Music Speaker, IOT-enabled

EeVe Xeniaa 2.0 is a new-age electric scooter with some attractive features beyond the usual ones. 

The scooter comes with a 60 V 20 Ah Lithium-ion battery that charges in 3-4 hours. Once fully charged, it can travel up to 80 km in ideal conditions.

Xeniaa 2.0 has loads of features that can make heads turn. It has all the basic essential features like telescopic suspension, dual disc brakes, keyless entry, and adjustable levers. 

However, the biggest highlight is that this e-scooter is IoT-enabled. This means you get a dedicated mobile app with cool over-the-top features, such as geofencing, anti-theft alarm, low battery alarm, and navigation assist.

EeVe Xeniaa 2.0 comes in one dual-tone color variant: Silver/Red.

7. EOX E1 – ₹72,999

Source: Amazon
Range per charge80 km
Battery Capacity2.3 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time3-4 hours
HighlightsReverse Feature, Motor Working Assistant, Day Running Light

EOX is a comparatively new and lesser-known name in the Indian electric scooter industry. However, the promising features of its E1 model make it worth talking about.

The e-scooter offers three riding modes, with a range of 80 km per charge in the first mode. While the battery is Lead-acid and not Lithium-ion, it provides a high capacity of 2.3 kWh and an optimal charging time of 3-4 hours. 

EOX E1 also comes with other essential features, such as front disc brakes, an anti-locking braking system, and an anti-theft alarm. 

It is available in four colors: Red, White, Blue, and Black.

8. Lohia OMA Star – ₹51,750

Lohia OMA Star
Source: Lohiaauto
Range per charge70 km
Battery Capacity1.48 kWh
Peak Power250 W
Charging Time4-5 hours
HighlightsDigital Speedometer, Alloy Wheel, Telescopic Suspension

If you are a little low on budget and want a low-speed electric scooter that does its job well, the Lohia OMA Star might be the perfect option for you. At ₹51,750, it offers a 1.48 kWh Lithium-ion battery and a range of up to 70 km per charge.

However, its features make this e-scooter an absolute bang for the buck. OMA Star packs essential features, such as a front disc brake, telescopic suspension, and alloy wheels. There is also a digital speedometer and a refreshed headlamp. 

Lohia OMA Star is available in four colors: Red, Black, Blue, and White.

9. Yulu Wyn – ₹55,555

Yulu Wyn
Range per charge68 km
Battery Capacity0.9 KWh
Peak Power250W hub-mounted motor
Charging Time4-6 Hours
Highlights12-inch alloy wheels, 1,200mm wheelbase, 740mm Seat Height.

The Yulu Wyn, designed for urban commuters, boasts a sleek and minimalistic appearance, perfect for short rides within the city. 

With a claimed range of approximately 68 kilometers on a single charge, it’s ideal for daily commutes and quick errands. 

Powered by a compact yet efficient 0.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, the Yulu Wyn features a 250W hub-mounted motor that accelerates it to a top speed of around 24.9 kilometers per hour

While specific charging time details are unavailable, Yulu offers a convenient home charger as an optional accessory. 

Its slim profile, 12-inch alloy wheels, and a comfortable seat height of 740mm make maneuvering through crowded streets a breeze. 

10. Okinawa R30 – ₹61,998

Okinawa R30
Source: Okinawascooters
Range per charge60 Km
Battery Capacity1.25 kWh
Peak Power250W electric motor
Charging Time5 hours
HighlightsDimensions: Length (L): 1725mm, Width (W): 695mm, Height (H): 1080mm.

The Okinawa R30 is a stylish and efficient electric scooter designed for daily commuting. It features a 250-watt BLDC motor that delivers reliable performance. 

With a range of 60 km per charge, it’s perfect for short trips and city rides. The 1.25 KWh lithium-ion detachable battery charges fully in just 4-5 hours using a regular socket. 

The R30’s top speed is 25mph, making it ideal for urban travel. It also has a digital speedometer, an electronically assisted braking system, and regenerative braking. 

Whether you’re zipping through traffic or running errands, the Okinawa R30 is your eco-friendly companion! 

Conclusion: Kinetic Green Zing Big B & Gemopai Ryder Are Our Favorites 

Electric scooters are rapidly becoming the go-to choice of many people, as they are eco-friendly, lightweight, easy to use, and require less maintenance. 

Among these, no-license electric scooters can be the perfect choice for the young and old alike, as they are slower and, hence, much safer.

All the ten electric scooters discussed above have specifications and don’t require any license or registration. Nevertheless, here are my top three picks based on other features:

  • Kinetic Green Zing Big B for its great range and low charging time
  • Gemopai Ryder for its high range and budget-friendly variants
  • EeVe Xeniaa 2.0 for its IOT-enabled features

Which of these electric scooters are you most likely to buy, and why? Tell me in the comments!

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