TEPCO HD and Toyota Revolutionize Energy Storage with Innovative Battery System.
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TEPCO HD and Toyota Revolutionize Energy Storage with Innovative Battery System.

Cutting-edge collaboration combines expertise of TEPCO HD and Toyota to drive renewable energy integration and meet rising storage demands.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO HD) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) have recently joined forces to create a groundbreaking stationary storage battery system. This pioneering collaboration combines TEPCO’s operating technology and safety standards for stationary storage batteries with Toyota’s expertise in electrified vehicle storage batteries. The result is a remarkable 1 MW output and 3 MWh capacity battery system that holds immense potential for the renewable energy sector and the growing demand for energy storage solutions.

Scheduled for installation at the Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm by Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, the TEPCO HD-Toyota battery system will undergo rigorous testing in a collaborative verification project set to commence in the coming fall. This project aims to evaluate the system’s performance, operational capabilities, and its feasibility for widespread business applications within the electricity market.

The global trend toward carbon neutrality and the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources and electrified vehicles have spurred the continuous growth of the storage battery market. Recognizing the need for efficient and scalable energy storage solutions, TEPCO HD and Toyota have taken a forward-thinking approach to meet the rising demand. Their joint development focuses on creating a stationary storage battery system that seamlessly integrates with existing power conversion systems (PCS) by connecting multiple storage batteries used in electric vehicles.

Beyond addressing environmental concerns and enhancing economic performance, the partnership aims to enable the optimal utilization of storage batteries in electric vehicles to meet future energy storage requirements. By offering a combination of competitive pricing and ample capacity, TEPCO HD and Toyota are looking to tap into multiple facets of the market, including participation in the electric power market, business continuity planning (BCP) measures, and environmental and economic improvements.

TEPCO HD, drawing upon its extensive knowledge and technological capabilities in the electric power sector, seeks to enhance the utilization of renewable energy sources and cater to its customers’ BCP needs. Furthermore, the company aims to maintain a stable energy supply system by balancing electricity supply and demand effectively.

Toyota, on the other hand, is committed to realizing a carbon-neutral mobility society and actively pursuing a circular economy through collaboration with Toyota Industries Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Denso Corporation. In line with these goals, the company aims to utilize safe, long-lasting, high-quality, cost-effective, and high-performance storage batteries for electrified vehicles.

The successful completion of the verification project will serve as a significant milestone for TEPCO HD and Toyota, enabling them to develop consumer-oriented energy services while bolstering their capabilities to balance electricity supply and demand. The collaboration also aligns with their shared objective of meeting the evolving energy storage needs of customers.

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