SUN Mobility unveils a Battery Pack - S2.1 and a battery-swapping solution - SwapX
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SUN Mobility unveils a Battery Pack - S2.1 and a battery-swapping solution - SwapX.

S2.1 Smart Battery pack made by SUN Mobility is a lightweight pack with a capacity of 2.1 kWh, and SwapX is a user-friendly, fully automated battery-swapping solution.

SUN Mobility today launched two of its revolutionary and future-proof electric mobility products at the ongoing Auto Expo. These products are a next-generation Battery Pack called S2.1 and a fully automated battery-swapping solution called SwapX.

The S2.1 Smart Battery is a lightweight, intelligent, and durable option with a capacity of 2.1 kWh. It is connected to the cloud, compatible with other systems, and prioritizes safety and security. It has been certified to meet AIS 156 (Phase 1) standards and has been put through over 450 safety and performance tests, including climatic, cyclic, drop, and vibration tests among others. Additionally, the batteries have been rigorously tested on various vehicle platforms under real-world conditions.

SwapX is a user-friendly, fully automated battery-swapping solution that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses like pharmacy chains and department stores. It allows them to easily set up and manage Swap Points from the comfort of their locations. The solution, offered in a franchise model, addresses the lack of infrastructure and long charging or waiting times by increasing network density and promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

SwapX features an easy-to-use, vibrant display and is equipped with multiple system-controlled safety sensors. Each unit has three onboard computers, which include a smart card reader, smoke detection, surge and shock protection, and advanced thermal management. The unit also has an onboard emergency button. It requires minimal space (up to 6 sq ft), and multiple stations can be stacked together to accommodate additional swapping needs in the area.

Chetan Maini, Co-founder, and Chairman, SUN Mobility, said: The EV Industry is rapidly innovating to cater to user requirements of the future. SwapX and the S2.1 Smart Batteries have been developed indigenously and in-house by SUN Mobility, for the world. It helps us improve network density with S2.1 addressing range anxiety. Soon, users will have access to the new generation of battery packs and SwapX stations across India. The new solutions will be game-changing, involving every store in India’s EV revolution, while strengthening the growing electric mobility network in the country.

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