SK Signet Partners with Francis Energy to Expand EV Charging Network in Ohio.

During the initial phase of the agreement, SK Signet will provide 1,000 400 kW EV charging dispensers to Francis Energy.

SK Signet, a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions, has forged a long-term partnership with Francis Energy, owner of the fourth-largest electric vehicle fast-charging network in the United States. The collaboration aims to bolster the EV charging infrastructure across Ohio, as the state takes a significant stride toward establishing a robust and reliable charging network.

Under the initial phase of the agreement, SK Signet will supply 1,000 cutting-edge 400 kW EV charging dispensers, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of charging options for electric vehicle owners in Ohio. This development follows last week’s announcement by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, unveiling the locations of new EV charging stations along Ohio interstates. The state’s proactive approach in identifying charging station sites makes it the first to contribute to the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program.

SK Signet’s involvement in this state-led initiative highlights its commitment to supporting the ambitious goals set by the administration to establish a safe, convenient, reliable, and affordable charging network nationwide. The partnership with Francis Energy ensures a steady supply of made-in-America chargers, aligning with the government’s focus on domestic manufacturing.

Notably, SK Signet’s fast-charging infrastructure stands out for its user-accessibility, accepting a wide range of payment formats, and accommodating various vehicles available in the market. To further enhance user experience, the charging stations will allow drivers to reserve a charging location either through their vehicles or a dedicated mobile application, streamlining the charging process and reducing wait times.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of SK Signet’s recent grand opening of its first-ever EV charging manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas. This state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to produce over 10,000 ultra-fast chargers annually, showcasing SK Signet’s commitment to scaling up EV charging infrastructure in the United States.

For drivers to continue embracing EVs as a more environmentally friendly form of transportation, EV charging needs to be readily accessible and efficient,” said Jung Ho Shin, CEO of SK Signet. “Our partnership with Francis Energy and deployment of ultra-fast chargers will help make the option of driving an EV a reality for more Americans.”

Building a convenient, efficient, affordable, and safe fast-charging network across the country in rural, underserved, Tribal, and disadvantaged communities is only possible with our reliable partner, SK Signet,” said David Jankowsky, Chairman and CEO of Francis EnergyAdds Jankowsky, “SK Signet’s ability to adjust rapidly to an evolving market - including its ability to easily and quickly integrate any adopted standard, including the North American Charging Standard (NACS) into its hardware solution - is a testament to its skill as a world-class organization. We are excited to bring ultra-fast SK Signet stations to EV drivers in America.”

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