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Simple Energy to launch the smart electric scooter- Mark 2 later this year.

Bengaluru-based EV startup Simple Energy announced their recently raised fundings and the launch of the smart electric scooter- Mark 2.

Smart electric scooter startup - Simple Energy announced that they are launching their first product this year. Simple Energy is a Bengaluru-based startup.

The Mark 2 electric scooter will be their first product. The company claims that up to 90% of this e-scooter will be ‘Made in India.’ The startup also announced that they raised more investments.

Simple Energy to launch the smart electric scooter- Mark 2 later this year
Mark 2 electric scooter

Simple Energy Mark 2

The Mark 2 is a smart e-scooter. The major highlight of this scooter is the range. The company claims that it will give a range of 280km/charge. None of the existing e-scooters in India stand close to this number.

In terms of speed also, it comes at no.1, with a top speed of 103kmph. This electric two-wheeler has got a portable Li-Ion battery with a fast-charging option. Charging at home will take six hours, while fast charging will take 40 minutes for 0-80% charge and 1 hour 10 minutes for 100% charge.

The battery pack is designed by the company itself. They have taken inspiration from the game Cyberpunk 2077 to design the battery pack.

Mark 2 Battery pack

The scooter has a 3.5kW(continuous) IP67 BLDC motor. It has three riding modes- Eco, Normal, and Sports mode. Top speed is achievable in the sports mode and the highest range in eco mode.

The instrument panel is a 7-inch touch display with a 4G connection. It also has inbuilt AI features.

They have also partnered with software and AI companies like Catia, Altair, and Ansys.

With a price of around ₹1-1.10 lakh, this e-scooter will first launch in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Production of Mark 2 will begin at a 50,000 unit capacity plant in Yelahanka, Bangalore, from June – July 2021.

It will definitely be one of the most interesting EVs to be launched in 2021.

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