Shell and Volkswagen opens first innovative Flexpole charging station in Germany.
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Shell and Volkswagen opens first innovative Flexpole charging station in Germany.

Innovative 150 kW Elli Flexpole charging station eliminates the need for special transformers and accelerates installation time.

Shell and Volkswagen Group’s partnership to expand the charging infrastructure for electric mobility has reached a new milestone with the installation of the first innovative 150 kW Elli Flexpole charging station at a Shell service station in Göttingen, Germany. The Elli charging station has a unique battery storage system that enables it to be connected to a low-voltage grid, making the installation process easier and more flexible.

This technology breakthrough will enable the expansion of the charging infrastructure to be accelerated, which is crucial for Germany to meet its goal of having at least one million charging points available to drivers of electric cars by 2030. Currently, there are over 80,000 charging points in the country, with around 13,000 of them being fast charging points. However, the expansion of the charging infrastructure has been slowed down due to the long delivery times of special transformers required for the installation of charging stations.

The Elli Flexpole charging solution has the potential to overcome this hurdle as it can be connected directly to the low-voltage grid without the need for a special transformer, which reduces installation time and costs. Furthermore, the charging station can provide a charging speed of up to 150 kW, allowing for a range of up to 160 kilometres to be charged within just 10 minutes, depending on the vehicle.

Following a successful test operation, Shell and Volkswagen plan to install the Flexpole charging station at other locations in Germany and Europe. This move is expected to significantly contribute to the expansion of the charging infrastructure, making it more convenient for drivers of electric cars to charge their vehicles while on the go.

With VW’s Elli Flexpole charging stations, we can make an important contribution to the necessary expansion of the charging infrastructure. And in locations where it would be otherwise difficult for fast charging. Shell is already one of the largest providers of charging infrastructure at home, at work, at on-street lamp posts and at our service stations. We want to do our part to enable customers to switch to an electric vehicles and thus reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector,” says Tobias Bahnsen, Head of Shell E-Mobility responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Simon Löffler, Chief Commercial Officer at Elli, adds: “The rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the success of e-mobility. We contribute to this journey with our innovations such as the Elli Flexpole. It can be set up almost anywhere without major construction work, making it ideal for quickly setting up fast-charging options. We are pleased to have found a strong partner in Shell who, like us, wants to expand the charging network in Germany and across Europe.”

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