Rolls Royce Spectre, its first fully electric car
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Rolls Royce unveils Spectre, its first fully electric car.

The testing and optimisation of the Rolls Royce Spectre are still going on. The first client deliveries will start in Q4 2023.

Luxury car maker Rolls Royce has finally unveiled its first fully electric car, the Spectre. The story of a Rolls Royce EV dates back to 1900 when the company’s co-founder, Charles Rolls, prophesised an electric future for the motor car. He acquired an electric vehicle named The Columbia Electric Carriage and was sure that it would be a clean and noiseless alternative to the internal combustion engine. Today, more than 120 years later, the time has come for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to fulfill the prophecy of its founding father.

Rolls Royce defines the Spectre as an Ultra-Luxury Electric Super Coupé. To design Spectre, the designers took inspiration from worlds far beyond automotive, including haute couture, modernist sculpture, nautical design, tailoring, and contemporary art.

Spectre is Rolls-Royce’s most aerodynamic motor car ever. It has a drag coefficient of 0.25cd. Even the Spirit of Ecstasy is aero-tuned. In profile, the sharp, vertical bow line at the front of Spectre draws the eye rearward to its monolithic flanks. The lower line – known as the ‘waft line’ – borrows directly from yacht design.

The proportional demands of Spectre’s scale required Rolls-Royce to embolden its wheel strategy. Spectre is the first production two-door coupé to be equipped with 23-inch wheels in almost one hundred years.

Inside, Spectre is provisioned with the most technologically advanced Bespoke features yet, drawing inspiration from the timeless mystique of the night’s sky. For the first time on a series production Rolls-Royce, Spectre is available with Starlight Doors, which incorporate 4,796 softly illuminated ‘stars’.

For Spectre, Rolls-Royce’s engineers have seen much of their discipline pivot from the workshop to the digital space. Spectre is the most connected Rolls-Royce in history, and in harnessing the power of the motor car’s remarkable Decentralised Intelligence processing capabilities there is more requirement than ever for expert human experience.

Rolls-Royce has tested its first electric car in extreme driving conditions, including test drives in Arjeplog, Sweden, at temperatures as low as -40 degrees centigrade, and in Southern Africa, in temperatures of up to 55 degrees centigrade.

The final power, acceleration, and range figures are still being refined, as the extraordinary undertaking of finessing Spectre enters its final phase before concluding in the second quarter of 2023. Preliminary data shows that the car is expected to have an all-electric range of 320 miles/520 km WLTP and offer 900Nm of torque from its 430kW powertrain. It is anticipated to achieve 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds).

The price of the car will be positioned between Cullinan and Phantom. It will be launched in the market in Q4 2023.

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