Richter Group partners with Nikola and E.ON for hydrogen-electric trucks.
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Richter Group partners with Nikola and E.ON for hydrogen-electric trucks.

Nikola will supply 20 Class 8 heavy-duty Tre hydrogen-electric vehicles, and E.ON will provide green hydrogen to Richter Group.

In a major step towards decarbonizing logistics, Nikola Corporation, E.ON, and Richter Group have announced a Letter of Intent for an initial order of 20 Class 8, heavy-duty Nikola Tre hydrogen-electric vehicles, along with the hydrogen needed to supply them. The move comes as part of Richter Group’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and transition to a more sustainable transportation model.

Richter Group is a leading provider of individual logistics services, offering courier, express, and parcel solutions to clients across Europe. With a fleet of over 160 diesel-powered trucks, the company is looking to move towards a more sustainable mode of transportation to meet its environmental goals. The addition of hydrogen-electric trucks to its fleet will play a crucial role in reducing its carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner, greener future for logistics.

Nikola Corporation, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen-electric vehicles, and E.ON, a major energy company, are partnering with Richter Group to provide the hydrogen-electric trucks, the required green hydrogen, and the necessary refuelling infrastructure through a joint venture that will be established in the upcoming weeks.

Richter Group is set to receive its first delivery of 20 Nikola Tre hydrogen-electric trucks in 2024, with plans to transition its entire fleet to this clean energy solution over the next four to five years. The logistics company is also looking to collaborate with its partners to facilitate wider adoption of Nikola’s zero-emission vehicles, potentially leading to an additional 750 hydrogen-electric trucks being integrated into their fleets within the same timeframe.

The European 6×2 variant of the Nikola Tre hydrogen-electric trucks will be manufactured at the joint venture’s facility in Ulm, Germany, which is operated by Nikola and Iveco Group. Through GATE - Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem, IVECO’s electric truck rental model, Richter Group and its partners may acquire some or all of the hydrogen electric vehicles. IVECO will also provide essential maintenance and service functions, ensuring the smooth operation of the vehicles.

Meanwhile, E.ON will play a crucial role in providing green hydrogen and developing the necessary refuelling infrastructure to support the hydrogen electric vehicles being brought to market. The first refuelling solution within the scope of this project will be located on the premises of Richter Group in Wesel, Germany. Both hydrogen supply and logistics will be supplied through the joint venture established by Nikola and E.ON, once it is officially established. This partnership represents a major step towards creating a robust infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation.

The Nikola Tre hydrogen-electric truck is anticipated to have one of the longest ranges among commercially available zero-emission Class 8 trucks, with a range of up to 800 km. Additionally, it is expected to be lighter than battery-electric Class 8 trucks with a comparable range. These features make the Tre hydrogen-electric truck a versatile choice for a wide range of applications, including drayage and intermodal, metro-regional truckload, and less-than-truckload, as well as certain specialized hauling use cases. Overall, the Nikola Tre represents a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell technology, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for heavy-duty trucking needs.

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