Revolt Motors sets record in electric motorcycle production.
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Revolt Motors sets record in electric motorcycle production.

Revolt Motors produced 6,500 motorcycles in record-breaking 40 days, establishing itself as a market leader in the industry.

Revolt Motors, the largest electric motorcycle company in the country, has achieved a significant milestone in its production output. According to an announcement made by its parent company, Rattanindia Enterprises Ltd., Revolt Motors produced a record-breaking 6,500 bikes between February 20 and March 31, 2023, within 40 days.

This feat is a remarkable achievement for the company, which had an average production capacity of 1,500 bikes per month before this record-breaking stint. This surge in production output is a testament to Rattanindia’s commitment to elevating Revolt Motors’ performance and establishing it as a market leader in the electric motorcycle industry.

Revolt Motors has been successful in overcoming production challenges and delivering high-quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly electric motorcycles to the Indian market. The company has leveraged advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce these electric motorcycles. Its efforts have been aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation industry in India, which is one of the major contributors to air pollution in the country.

Revolt Motors has made significant strides in the Indian motorcycle market with its sleek and impressive RV400 electric motorcycle. This cutting-edge bike has gained popularity among Indian consumers due to its impressive performance, attractive design, and cost-effective ownership. Furthermore, the RV400’s zero-emission capabilities provide an environmentally responsible option that aligns with the country’s goal of reducing air pollution and adopting cleaner energy sources.

In addition to its advanced technology, the company has also introduced new features for the RV400, including mobile-based touch and voice controls that allow riders to operate the motorcycle with ease. Additionally, the company has launched an enticing hardware upgrade package for its existing customers at a deep discount, which has garnered a positive response from the market.

“We are incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made in the last two months since Rattanindia Enterprises’ takeover. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to scale our production capabilities and meet the ever-growing demand for sustainable mobility options,” said Ms. Anjali Rattan, Business Chairperson of Rattan Enterprises Limited, parent company of Revolt Motors. “This accomplishment not only showcases the strength of our team but also highlights our unwavering commitment to providing innovative, green alternatives to traditional modes of transportation.”

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