ProLogium to establish its first overseas Solid State battery plant in Europe.
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ProLogium to establish its first overseas Solid State battery plant in Europe.

ProLogium will invest $8 billion over the next decade in the European solid state battery gigafactory.

Solid State battery manufacturer ProLogium announced that it is planning to set up its first overseas gigafactory in Europe. The company has appointed Accuracy, the global independent financial and strategic consulting firm, to advise on the location of its first major Gigawatt-hour (GWh) battery factory in Europe.

ProLogium has shortlisted some sites in France, Germany, UK, Poland, and the Netherlands. The company will invest $8 billion over the next decade. The factory is expected to be one of Europe’s biggest gigafactories, with a three-phase construction and ultimately an annual capacity target of 120 GWh when the third phase is completed.

Accuracy says the competition between European countries to secure ProLogium’s factory has been intense. Both the construction and operation of the gigafactory are expected to generate substantial economic benefits for the chosen region, creating thousands of highly-skilled jobs both at the plant itself and within the supply chain. Many governments in Europe have started initiatives to support the growth of electric vehicle batteries, putting green technology at the heart of their long-term economic plans.

ProLogium is seeking its first overseas site for the production of next-generation solid-state batteries in Europe or USA in light of the exponential growth in demand for electric vehicles over the next decade.

Solid-state batteries are among the most promising and disruptive battery technologies, offering advantages in terms of safety, energy density, fast-charging capability, recyclability, weight optimisation, and costs. Many European markets are making a strong commitment to the battery industry, to position themselves as gigafactory hubs.

ProLogium’s first production line for consumer applications began operating in 2013, and its roll-to-roll EV battery pilot line began production in October 2017. The battery maker owns proprietary technologies covering over 500 (applied or awarded) patents worldwide and has established more than 4,000 quality control items in its production processes, achieving 99.9% yield for its single-layer cell manufacturing and 94% yield for multi-layer cells.

The company has already shipped more than one million cells for consumer electronic applications (from 15mAh to 1Ah) with a very high level of customer satisfaction. It has already begun testing and certification processes with key global car OEMs by delivering nearly 8,000 EV battery cells (50-60Ah). These results laid a solid foundation for its global gigafactory plan.

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