PowerFlex partners with Sidero Labs to enhance reliability and security of EV chargers.

PowerFlex teams up with Sidero Labs to boost EV charging reliability and security through Talos Linux nodes and Sidero Omni platform.

PowerFlex has partnered with Sidero Labs to enhance the reliability and security of their EV chargers. As one of the early adopters of Sidero Omni, PowerFlex has leveraged the platform’s ability to scale across multiple EV charging locations within minutes, making it an attractive option for the company.

To ensure the utmost security and reliability for their customers, PowerFlex required a supported operating system for Kubernetes that ensured the stability of edge nodes at remote locations. In response, PowerFlex has integrated Talos Linux nodes, managed by Sidero Omni, into hundreds of existing EV charging locations, with plans to add more sites in the future as they continue to expand.

The Sidero Omni solution has also provided improved onsite computing power, which is utilized by PowerFlex X, the unified platform that optimizes metering and rating, maximizing the number of vehicles that can be charged across the network of chargers. With Sidero Omni, PowerFlex has ensured that their edge deployments are consistent, utilizing the same Kubernetes distribution and operating system in all locations across the country.

“Omni provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface to manage large numbers of edge clusters in a way that most alternatives struggle with, and it does so with more security than other solutions,” said Max Baldwin, Site Reliability Engineer, PowerFlex. “Sidero Labs has been an excellent partner, helping us resolve issues in a timely manner and offering appropriately detailed explanations on how things work and why. Sidero’s knowledge in this area has been invaluable as we’ve rapidly developed and deployed a replacement for k3os and legacy non-containerized solutions to new and existing sites.”

“We’re excited to work with PowerFlex to deploy its onsite energy solutions and help exceed their reliability targets by simplifying the deployment of Kubernetes at the edge with Omni,” said Steve Francis, CEO of Sidero Labs. “PowerFlex’s EV chargers are a great example of innovative use cases that are enabled by Omni, allowing Kubernetes to be deployed and managed in remote locations without IT staff present.”

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