Polestar opens its fifth UK Space at Cribbs Mall in Bristol.
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Polestar opens its fifth UK Space at Cribbs Mall in Bristol.

Polestar continues to revolutionize traditional automotive retail models with its latest location at the largest mall in the South West.

Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, has opened its fifth UK Space at Cribbs Mall in Cribbs Causeway, just off the M5 to the north of Bristol city centre. This opening follows similar launches at London’s Battersea Power Station and Manchester’s Trafford Centre, and continues to showcase how the brand is changing the face of traditional automotive retail models.

Located on the first floor of the shopping centre, Polestar Cribbs features the same minimalist design and seamless digital interactivity combined with non-commissioned product specialists. Customers can define their entire journey from initial enquiry through to the delivery of their chosen Polestar model. Test drives can be conducted on-site, and deliveries can be scheduled to home or office addresses.

What sets Polestar apart from traditional car dealerships is the fact that there is no stock held to try and persuade buyers away from their desired configuration. Those wishing to order or reserve a Polestar can complete the process through the Polestar App or website either in the comfort of their own home, or with the guidance of a Specialist in their chosen Space.

Polestar’s approach to retail is geared towards providing customers with a seamless and personalized experience that reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. By offering a more flexible and digital retail model, Polestar is responding to changing consumer preferences and making it easier for customers to interact with the brand on their own terms.

The Polestar Spaces are meticulously designed to showcase the brand’s products without any distractions. Each location reflects the design-led ethos of the brand and features specially curated experiences that prioritize the Polestar vehicles on display. These cars are lit with custom lightboxes to ensure studio-quality lighting without any distracting shadows. The walls surrounding the vehicles feature large-format art and interactive LED display screens that highlight the Polestar brand and its products.

As part of Polestar’s mission to bring its range of design and performance-led electric vehicles to the market, each Polestar Space will be part of a larger network that fosters a community. These spaces will host exhibitions and talks on topics such as design, architecture, technology, and automotive, creating an immersive and engaging experience for customers.

Cribbs Mall, where the latest Polestar Space has opened, is committed to supporting sustainable travel across Bristol and the South West. The mall has partnered with South Gloucestershire Council to install 26 charging points across the center, as part of its larger EV charging points roll-out. By investing in EV infrastructure, Cribbs Mall is helping to encourage the shift towards electric vehicles and making it easier for customers to adopt sustainable modes of transportation.

Jonathan Goodman, Head of Polestar UK, said:“We continue to change the face of the traditional automotive retail model with our direct to consumer digital-first approach and our Bristol Space will feature the same state-of-the-art minimalist design and allow our customers, not us, to define and shape the experience they have with Polestar. With no sales pressure, an intimate environment and cutting-edge technology we continue to put the fun back into buying a car.

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