Polestar 2 receives exciting upgrades with P2.9 OTA software update.
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Polestar 2 receives exciting upgrades with P2.9 OTA software update.

Enhancements in Polestar 2 with the new update include integrated YouTube app, advanced energy monitoring, and extended Apple CarPlay functionality for an enhanced driving experience.

Polestar has announced the release of the P2.9 over-the-air (OTA) software update for all existing Polestar 2 vehicles. This marks the fifteenth remote software upgrade since the introduction of OTA updates in 2020, further solidifying Polestar’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience for its customers.

The P2.9 update brings a host of exciting enhancements, including the integration of the YouTube app, which will now be installed by default in all newly produced cars as well. This addition allows Polestar 2 drivers to enjoy their favorite videos and content directly from the comfort of their vehicle, further blurring the lines between the digital and automotive worlds.

One of the standout features of the P2.9 update is the significant upgrade to Polestar’s Range Assistant app. Drivers can now monitor their energy consumption over various distances, including the previous 20, 40, or 100 kilometers, thanks to real-time information provided by the app. This empowers drivers to adjust their driving style and optimize efficiency, taking full advantage of their Polestar 2’s capabilities.

Moreover, the revised algorithm for the projected range displayed by the app takes into account environmental and other factors that influence efficiency, providing a more accurate estimation of the vehicle’s range. In a noteworthy development, drivers can now view the real-world related range figure directly on the driver display, allowing for a more personalized and precise understanding of their EV’s capabilities, rather than relying solely on default range projections based on standard certified data.

In line with the continuous quest for seamless integration, the P2.9 update extends the functionality of Apple CarPlay. This integration now includes additional phone and media information displayed on the home screen tile, enabling drivers to have a more comprehensive overview of their connected devices. Furthermore, the update allows for the handling of calls using steering wheel buttons, ensuring a safer and more convenient hands-free experience. Apple Maps can also be projected onto the car’s driver display, providing drivers with enhanced navigation options.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, comments: “We know how much our customers look forward to over-the-air upgrades and I am convinced this one will be well received, with notable new features and enhancements. YouTube is great for entertainment while charging, and our updated Range Assistant app delivers more accurate predictions and supports an improved driving style. Bringing Apple Maps to the driver display is one of many important updates to Apple CarPlay in Polestar 2.”

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