Polestar 2 gets increased range, efficiency, and performance alongside a lower carbon footprint.
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Polestar 2 gets increased range, efficiency, and performance alongside a lower carbon footprint.

Polestar 2 can now travel up to 22% further, consume up to 9% less energy, and charge up to 34% faster, thanks to hardware upgrades including larger batteries and new motors.

Polestar has announced substantial updates for its Polestar 2 model in the upcoming 2024 model year. These improvements not only increase the vehicle’s range and efficiency but also enhance its overall performance. Moreover, the company has demonstrated its commitment to reducing the car’s carbon footprint, implementing several key changes throughout the production process.

The 2024 Polestar 2 (P2) boasts impressive advancements in terms of range and energy efficiency. Thanks to hardware upgrades, including larger batteries and new motors, the vehicle can now travel up to 22% further and consume up to 9% less energy compared to previous models. The Long-range Single motor variant has achieved certification for up to 654 km WLTP.

Not only has Polestar improved the driving range and efficiency of the Polestar 2, but it has also taken charging speeds to a new level. With the introduction of an 82 kWh battery, the maximum direct current (DC) charging speed has been increased to an impressive 205 kW. This means that P2 owners can spend less time at charging stations, significantly enhancing the convenience and usability of the vehicle.

Polestar hasn’t just focused on the technical aspects; it has also aimed to make the driving experience even more enjoyable. By switching to rear-wheel drive for single-motor versions and implementing a rear-bias for the dual motor version, P2 offers improved power delivery and a more thrilling ride.

Polestar has made remarkable strides in reducing the carbon footprint of the P2 since deliveries began in 2020. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the 2024 model year updates. By adopting low-carbon aluminum in the wheels and battery tray and transitioning to renewable electricity in the factory, the company has taken significant steps to minimize the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

“We absolutely love Polestar 2 – such a stylish, fun car to drive. Our engineers have worked hard to integrate important upgrades that really enhance the overall package, and they’ve made it even better. We are proud to see we can do this without increasing its carbon footprint, but rather reducing it,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO.

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