Plug and Charge now available for Mercedes plug-in hybrid models.
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Plug and Charge now available for Mercedes plug-in hybrid models.

Mercedes' plug-in hybrid model users can now directly charge their vehicles using the Plug and Charge without the need for an app, charging card, or head unit.

Mercedes has now started offering the Plug and Charge service to its plug-in hybrid models. The Plug & Charge, in combination with the Mercedes me connect service, Mercedes me Charge, makes it very easy to charge the vehicle.

The user has to drive to the charging station, open the flap, plug in – and the power starts to flow. There is no need for a charging card, app, or head unit for authentication. The charging station communicates directly with the vehicle, provided that the respective public charging station is compatible with Plug & Charge.

Anyone who already drives a current C-Class or S-Class plug-in hybrid will be able to enjoy the new and uncomplicated charging solution. An OTA update installs the necessary certificates in the vehicle without requiring any further action.

In addition to the current C‑Class and S-Class, which allow for Plug & Charge via OTA update, the new GLC supports Plug & Charge ex‑factory. For this, the plug-in hybrids need to be equipped with the optional direct-current charging system (DC charging), and the customer needs to activate the Plug & Charge service in the overview of services.

The charging station details in the head unit or in the Mercedes me App show whether a charging station is compatible with Plug & Charge. Customers can also search specifically for suitable charging stations. Plug & Charge is the fourth and most convenient charging access option. In addition, customers have the option of accessing charging via MBUX in the vehicle’s head unit, in the Mercedes me App, or via the Mercedes me Charge charging card.

Plug & Charge is available at over 1,800 IONITY fast charging points in Europe and at Aral pulse fast charging points in Germany. In Germany alone, there are around 700 Aral pulse charging points, and the network is continuously growing and expanding – including beyond Germany. Mercedes-Benz and the charging network operators are always working to extend Plug & Charge to further charging stations.

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