One Electric and ALT Mobility partner to deploy 50,000 e-motorcycles for B2B logistics.
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One Electric and ALT Mobility partner to deploy 50,000 e-motorcycles for B2B logistics.

ALT Mobility will add 50,000 units of the One Electric Kridn motorcycles to its leasing portfolio for its last-mile delivery partners.

Commercial fleet leasing platform Alt Mobility has partnered with Noida-based electric motorcycle manufacturer One Electric Motorcycles to provide electric motorcycles to its last-mile delivery partners.

ALT Mobility will add 50,000 One Electric’s Kridn motorcycles to its leasing portfolio. These e-motorcycles will be given to ALT’s partners for intra-city transportation catering to passenger and goods segments.

The One Electric Kridn motorcycle is a high-speed electric two-wheeler. It is equipped with a 3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and offers a range between 80 and 110 km, depending on the mode. The peak power of the motor in the bike is 5.5 kW, and the top speed is 95 km/h. It can accelerate from 0-60 km/h in eight seconds.

The bike is comfortable for intra-city riding as it comes with front telescopic hydraulic suspension and rear hydraulic suspension. Both the brakes are disc brakes. The bike can also be connected to a mobile app for GPS and other useful features for commercial purposes.

ALT and One Electric have also agreed to use their collective experience and customer feedback to jointly develop a two-wheeler vehicle, tailored for intra-city deliveries matching price point, superior technology, durability, comfort, and use case for logistic operations. This partnership is also going global to Africa, where ALT mobility will be joining One Electric in UN-backed projects.

Commenting on the partnership, Dev Arora, Co-founder & CEO of ALT Mobility said, “With our learnings from deploying over 5,000 EVs on the road in intensive last mile logistic operations, we believe there is a need for reliable vehicles that can meet multiple use cases, maintain high uptime, lower service costs and most importantly vehicles built for Indian road conditions and extreme temperatures. One Electric provides 2X the speed, durability, and performance than existing electric scooters typically used in operations. This presents an opportunity for our fleet partners to improve productivity by delivering more orders over longer distances in shorter times with an asset that has a longer life, thereby increasing fleet partners earnings.”

Gaurav Uppal, Founder & CEO of One Electric motorcycles shares, “After establishing our product in multiple African markets, we are now confident of providing the most suitable, durable, and efficient electric Two wheelers for commercial operations. Our performance not only matches the ICE bikes, but also has a longer life compared to other Ebikes, thus providing higher ROI. We have avoided the price-sensitive commercial EV market so far where the lowest cost has been the primary concern. However, after extensive trials in multiple cities with ALT mobility, we were able to show them the value addition a quality product will provide. A leading Bangalore-based last mile delivery company that works closely with ALT, has also appreciated our vehicle and validated the performance.”

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