Ola Electric to launch a brand new product on 22nd October.
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Ola Electric to launch a brand new product on 22nd October.

Besides a brand new product, Ola Electric will also launch the Move OS 3 and the Hypercharger network on 22nd October 2022.

EV maker Ola Electric is all set to launch a new product on Diwali this year. Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced on Twitter that the company would launch a brand-new product at the Diwali event on 22nd October 2022.

The new product could be a more affordable variant of the S1 electric scooter. The price of the new e-scooter would be less than ₹99,999, the price of the Ola S1.

Besides a new scooter, the company will also launch Move OS 3 at the Diwali event. The next Move OS update will have many exciting and smart features. Some features are Hill hold, proximity unlock, moods, regen v2, hyper charging, calling, key sharing, etc.

With the Move OS 3 update, Ola Electric will improve its regeneration braking technology and make it more efficient. More efficient regen technology will add extra range to the scooter.

The next exciting feature that will come with Move OS 3 is moods. The company has introduced different moods for the scooter to make the ride more enjoyable. Moods can change the riding experience, including look, feel, and scooter sound.

Other upcoming features of the Move OS 3, like hill hold, proximity unlock, calling, and key sharing will also add up to the riding experience.

Ola Electric will also launch the Hyper charging technology on 22nd October. Ola Hypercharger will charge 50% of the scooter’s battery in just 18 minutes. The company is working on the Hypercharger network.

Ola will launch over 100 hyperchargers across the top 50 cities on Diwali this year. The company aims to set up more than 1 lakh hyperchargers across 400 cities in India.

Ola recently started its EV centres in Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, and Delhi. On 22nd October, more details about the EV centres would be announced. The company plans is to open 200 centres by March 2023.

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