Ola Electric opens 500th Experience Centre, Expanding direct-to-consumer reach across India.
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Ola Electric opens 500th Experience Centre, Expanding direct-to-consumer reach across India.

Ola Electric opened its 500th Experience Centre in Srinagar District of Jammu & Kashmir and aims to open 1000 ECs by August of this year.

In a move aimed at strengthening its direct-to-consumer (D2C) presence across India, Ola Electric, the nation’s leading electric vehicle company, has announced the opening of its 500th Experience Centre (EC) in Srinagar District, Jammu & Kashmir. This milestone marks a significant achievement for the company, which has rapidly expanded its retail network in less than a year since inaugurating its first EC in Pune.

With a presence in nearly 300 cities, Ola Electric has positioned itself as the largest D2C retail network in the Indian automotive industry. Through its omnichannel strategy and quick offline expansion, the company has achieved an impressive 98% market reach, covering almost all markets within the country.

The Ola Experience Centres have become a hub for EV enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive range of services related to Ola’s electric vehicles. These one-stop shops provide visitors with the opportunity to experience Ola’s world-class products firsthand and receive guidance on the entire purchase journey, financing options, and after-sales services.

At the ECs, prospective buyers can test ride the popular S1 and S1 Pro models, allowing them to make an informed decision before finalizing their purchase. The centers aim to bridge the gap between online research and offline experience, ensuring customers have a seamless and satisfying buying experience.

The company’s aggressive expansion plans do not stop at the 500th EC. Ola Electric intends to further bolster its network by launching a total of 1,000 Experience Centres by August this year. This ambitious goal demonstrates the company’s determination to make electric mobility accessible to a larger audience and consolidate its position as a frontrunner in India’s EV market.

Ola introduced its D2C sales & service model for two-wheelers in India, which included doorstep delivery and servicing, making it the largest D2C outreach in the history of the Indian automotive industry. Although the company now has 500 ECs across the country, a significant portion of its sales still comes from its website and apps. Ola’s omnichannel approach has facilitated EV accessibility throughout India, particularly in remote areas, where EVs were previously unavailable.

Ola currently wrests 40% of India’s EV scooter market. Last month, the company recorded its highest-ever monthly sales, selling over 30,000 units and cementing its position at the top of the EV 2W sales table for the eighth consecutive month.

Anshul Khandelwal, CMO, Ola Electric said, “With the inauguration of our 500th store in India, we take immense pride in accomplishing our objective of establishing a comprehensive presence across the entire nation through our direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach. This remarkable milestone serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to making electric mobility accessible and convenient for everyone. At Ola Electric, we remain resolute in our commitment to spearheading the transition towards a cleaner and sustainable future for India. The opening of our 500th store signifies not only a celebration of our accomplishments but also serves as a reminder of the challenges that still lie ahead. With our D2C model, we are excellently positioned to create a significant impact in the realm of electric mobility, and we are excited to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible.”

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