Okinawa launches an Extended Warranty Program at affordable price points.
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Okinawa launches an Extended Warranty Program at affordable price points.

The Okinawa Extended Warranty Program starts at a minimum cost of ₹2,287 and offers coverage for both electronic and mechanical components.

Okinawa Autotech, one of India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers, today announced its Extended Warranty Program (EWP) across its entire range of electric vehicles. The extended warranty program, which starts at a minimum cost of ₹2,287, offers coverage for essential powertrain components, such as traction motors, controllers, DC-DC converters, chargers, wiring harnesses, and frame assembly.

Okinawa Autotech’s Extended Warranty Program is available for a duration of up to two years, starting at a minimum cost of ₹2,287. The price of the warranty can reach up to ₹5,494, depending on the range of the vehicle model. This warranty applies to both new customers and those who have purchased an Okinawa vehicle within the last three years. Okinawa has also become the first company in the industry to offer a warranty on wiring harnesses and frame assembly.

For this extended warranty program, Okinawa has partnered with a New York-based company Assurant. Assurant is a leading global business services company that supports, protects, and connects major consumer purchases. It is a Fortune 500 company with a presence in 21 countries.

Okinawa’s Extended Warranty Program will be implemented through its extensive network of over 540 authorized dealers and overseen by experienced professionals nationwide. The claim filing process is streamlined and convenient, making it easy for customers to access the warranty as needed. To take advantage of the extended warranty, customers can simply visit their nearest Okinawa dealership.

Speaking about the program and association with Assurant, Jeetender Sharma, MD & Founder, Okinawa Autotech said, “Our primary goal has always been to provide all the requisite support to customers and build a long-lasting brand in the automobile industry. I am pleased to announce our partnership with Assurant Inc., a Fortune 500 company, which is in line with our promise to provide unmatched after-sales services to delight our customers. We are the first in the industry to come up with such a unique warranty program which has been strategically designed to reduce the burden of premature repair costs on the customers after the standard warranty expires.”

Okinawa has a portfolio of six high-speed electric scooters and two slow electric scooters. IPraise+ is its flagship product and also one of the highest-selling electric two-wheeler in India. It offers a range of up to 137 km and is available at an ex-showroom price of ₹1,45,965.

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