Okinawa Autotech Expands to Europe with New R&D Center.
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Okinawa Autotech Expands to Europe with New R&D; Center.

Okinawa has partnered with Tacita for a 25 million euro investment in the new R&D; center in Italy, Europe, focused on developing cutting-edge e-powertrain and launching a new electric cruiser motorcycle.

Okinawa Autotech, a leading Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer, announced today the opening of its first Research and Development (R&D) Center in Europe. The center is being established in Italy in partnership with its joint venture (JV) partner Tacita and will be financed with a total investment of 25 million Euros (Rs 222 crores) over the next three years.

The new Technology Center will be led by Pierpaolo Rigo, Co-Founder of Tacita. The Center will work with Okinawa’s R&D team in India. The Center will bring together top talent in the industry to improve product performance and design. Both Okinawa and Tacita aim to bring world-class technology to customers through this endeavor.

The new global R&D center will concentrate on creating new products, enhancing the current product line, and developing a cutting-edge e-powertrain for future products. The center will have a team of nearly 50 experts, both from India and other countries. Additionally, the company plans to launch an employee exchange program with Tacita to develop the skills of employees both domestically and internationally.

The first product developed at the global center will be an electric cruiser motorcycle. It will be introduced in India in the coming months. The motorcycle will feature the latest EV technology and will have superior performance compared to other motorcycles worldwide.

Jeetender Sharma, MD & Founder, of Okinawa Autotech said, “As a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in India, the company is focused on strengthening the EV ecosystem. The company has invested Rupees Five Billion along with our key stakeholders towards the development of new products, manufacturing facilities, network expansion, and brand building over the last five years. Setting up the global R&D center showcases our ambition to bring the best technologies from the entire world to our Indian customers. The center will be working on developing futuristic technologies for next-gen electric vehicles. We appreciate the support received from our partner Tacita in developing our first high-speed electric cruiser motorcycle for the Indian and global markets. We are excited to bring this product to India to help us further strengthen our presence in the electric two-wheeler industry.”

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