NIO announces January 2023 delivery results.
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NIO announces January 2023 delivery results.

In January 2023, NIO delivered 8,506 electric vehicles, including 2,190 E-SUVs and 6,316 electric sedans.

Chinese EV company NIO announced the January 2023 vehicle delivery results. In January, the company delivered 8,506 electric vehicles.

In the first month of 2023, NIO delivered 2,190 premium smart electric SUVs and 6,316 premium smart electric sedans. Cumulative deliveries of the company reached 298,062 as of January 31, 2023.

From January 13 to January 31, 2023, the peak travel season around the Chinese New Year Holiday, the company provided over 1 million power swaps to its users, among which over 300 thousand swaps were completed at the NIO power swap stations along the highways, and over 11 thousand swaps were flexible battery upgrades to enhance the long-distance travel experience.

NIO was also recognized in Corporate Knight’s Global 100 and ranked first among car brands on the World’s Most Sustainable Companies list. The company attaches great importance to low-carbon development, environmental protection, and joint ecosystem-building, and is committed to promoting full-lifecycle carbon footprint management, energy conservation, and emission reduction. With the vision of Blue Sky Coming, the company will continue to improve its ESG performance and support global sustainable development.

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