National Geographic Premieres Documentary on EV Journey of Tata Motors.
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National Geographic Premieres Documentary on EV Journey of Tata Motors.

The film titled 'Go.ev' made by National Geographic showcases the approach of Tata Motors in addressing challenges associated with EV technology, promoting sustainable development, and promoting clean energy solutions.

National Geographic is all set to showcase the inspiring journey of Tata Motors, an Indian automotive manufacturing company, in its quest to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) in India. The film, titled ‘Go.ev’, will premiere on April 09, 2023, at 7.00 PM on the National Geographic Channel.

The film delves deep into the mission of Tata Motors, highlighting the challenges associated with the adoption of EV technology and how the company overcame them. It identifies the uncertainties that exist within the community in purchasing an EV and showcases Tata Motors’ approach in addressing these concerns. By doing so, Tata Motors has been able to accelerate the growth of the EV sector in India.

‘Go.ev’ also sheds light on the tremendous effort of the designers and engineers at Tata Motors in building impactful solutions around cost, range, charging infrastructure, and range anxiety. The film captures the company’s expansion plans of launching ten EV models in the market by 2025, ensuring health and wellness are at the core of the future of mobility.

The film promises to offer a glimpse into Tata Motors’ inspiring journey, showcasing how the company has tackled the challenges in introducing EVs in India. The documentary highlights the company’s efforts to build a sustainable future, promoting clean energy solutions to help reduce carbon emissions.

The film’s release on National Geographic highlights the importance of sustainable development and the role of the automobile industry in promoting clean energy solutions. With the rising concerns of global warming and climate change, this documentary serves as a reminder of the need to adopt eco-friendly alternatives to help preserve the planet for future generations.

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