MINI registered a 25 percent EV sales increase in 2022, with over 40k units sold worldwide
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MINI registered a 25 percent EV sales increase in 2022, with over 40k units sold worldwide.

Europe was the biggest market for MINI EVs, as EV sales in Europe in 2022 crossed 27,000.

The demand for electric MINI vehicles continued to surge in 2022, with a 25.5% increase in EV sales compared to the previous year. The all-electric MINI Cooper SE proved to be the most popular model, selling 43,744 units worldwide.

The popularity of electric vehicles is evident in the fact that they already account for 15% of total sales of the company globally, and this trend is particularly pronounced in Europe, where over 27,000 units of Electric models were sold in 2022. This means that the Cooper SE alone accounts for 22% of total sales in Europe.

MINI Electric saw particularly strong sales growth in Germany, France, and the UK. In the UK, all-electric models had their strongest performance to date, with 7,500 new registrations and 11% sales growth. The all-electric 3-door model recorded the largest share of total sales in Scandinavia, at 45%.

In 2022, the company further expanded its global offering for locally emission-free premium mobility with the launch of the all-electric Cooper SE in Korea and Taiwan. In addition, the all-electric models are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong, where they already account for 43.3% of sales in 2022. These developments demonstrate the continued strong interest of the global MINI community in locally emission-free electric mobility.

Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI, said: The continued success of MINI models with electric drive confirms the brand’s path to an all-electric future. With a clear focus on sustainability with a minimal environmental footprint, our company is attracting more and more customers worldwide who enjoy the electrified go-kart feeling.

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