MINI equips the Cooper SE with driving aids for people with disabilities.
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MINI equips the Cooper SE with driving aids for people with disabilities.

Equipped with driving and operating aids, the all-electric MINI Cooper SE enables people with disabilities to enjoy emission-free driving fun in the small car segment for the first time.

The all-electric MINI Cooper SE is now available with driving and operating aids for people with disabilities for the first time. MINI wants everyone to enjoy the hallmark MINI driving experience. Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI, said, Our goal at MINI is to give everyone equal access to such important innovations.

To make driving easy for disabled people, MINI Cooper SE was equipped with an accelerator ring on the steering wheel and a handbrake knob next to the steering wheel, and these were then put to the test in practice. Driving Experience instructor Tina Schmidt-Kiendl, herself a wheelchair user, provided particularly valuable input when it came to fitting the car with operating aids.

The design of the MINI Cooper SE is very accessible as it is. With the dual recuperation, you have full control for instant acceleration and braking,” said Tina Schmidt-Kiendl after her test drive.

When they went out for a test run to Munich together, however, Tina Schmidt- Kiendl and Stefanie Wurst noticed that the city still had some catching up to do in terms of urban planning: charging points are often installed on the pavement and are difficult to access for people in wheelchairs because of the kerb, or because the display and charging socket are too high up.

MINI is also offering a special driving safety training course to ensure confident, safe, and sporty handling of the converted vehicle. This allows them to practice braking and avoidance maneuvers on various road surfaces, as well as lane changes with and without deceleration. In addition to maximum safety and confidence at the wheel, participants can also do highly dynamic driving exercises so as to derive even greater enjoyment when taking bends in a sporty style. In this way, MINI enables safe, individual mobility without restrictions and sustainable, purely electric driving pleasure for everyone.

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