MG Motor India Celebrates Innovation in EVs with Successful Conclusion of MG DP 4.0.
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MG Motor India Celebrates Innovation in EVs with Successful Conclusion of MG DP 4.0.

MG Motor launched MGDP 4.0 in partnership with Invest India and Startup India as lead partners and Jiobp, Exicom, Fortum, CESL, Attero, MapmyIndia, and Bosch as technology partners.

MG Motor India successfully concluded its MG Developer Program and Grant Season 4.0, announcing the winners of the highly anticipated event. Themed as “Electric Vehicles – Innovate for India,” this program aimed to expand the innovation platform for startups, developers, and innovators, nurturing a pipeline of new ideas and stories for customers in India.

The MG Developer Program (MGDP) 4.0 witnessed an overwhelming response, attracting a diverse range of participants, including students, innovators, inventors, startups, and tech companies. With over 250 entries received, the program showcased the nation’s burgeoning talent and entrepreneurial spirit. A rigorous selection process led to the shortlisting of 88 entries, and eventually, the top 14 teams advanced to the virtual jury rounds, which took place on May 17 and 18.

To ensure the success of this program, MG Motor India collaborated with several leading organizations and key industry bodies such as Invest India and Startup India. Additionally, partnerships with prominent technology players like Jio-BP, Exicom, Fortum, CESL, Attero, MapmyIndia, and Bosch were forged, creating an enabling ecosystem that empowered developers, investors, and businesses to flourish.

The fourth season of MGDP saw participation from four charging infrastructure startups, two electric vehicle original equipment manufacturer (EV OEM) startups, and eight software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. These enterprising developers showcased their groundbreaking work, pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. Their relentless efforts have the potential to revolutionize the electric vehicle sector and shape its future landscape.

Throughout the program, participants demonstrated unwavering dedication, contributing their unique ideas and innovations to make Season 4.0 an exceptional success. The MGDP has solidified its reputation as a platform that nurtures talent and propels the growth of the electric vehicle industry in India.

The winners of MGDP 4.0 are:

  1. Evolog (Bangalore) - Single Platform to brings EV Charging Station CPOs, vendors and DISCOMs together
  2. Centaur Automotive (Hyderabad) - Designs, develops and manufactures electric bicycles
  3. Evnnovator Technology (Bangalore) - Integrating EV charging network multiple CPO’s
  4. Amplify Cleantech Solutions (Hyderabad) - EV Charging infrastructure and operates EV Charging stations in India
  5. Profformance Technologies (Gurgaon) - B2B SaaS platform improving user experience using AI
  6. Danox Apps (Mumbai) - App based platform to simplify car ownership

Commenting on the occasion, Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, MG Motor India stated, “MG as a brand has a pertinent focus on green mobility with innovation as a core pillar, and MGDP S4 aims to foster knowledge sharing between the participants and think tanks, bring their ideas to life and promote India as a hub of innovation and technology. As a brand, we encourage change and innovative mindsets. This season also saw a growth in gender diversified audience - more than 30% of the participating teams had at least one female founder.”

Celebrating the success of such initiatives, Aastha Grover, Head, Startup India, stated, “Engagement Programs such as these provide the right platform to budding entrepreneurs and startups to showcase their innovation and provide a fresh take on problem solving. With ever increasing focus on sustainability and clean energy, E-vehicles play a pivotal role in shaping this sector. Startups have been forerunners as the future leaders of disruptive technologies that continue to solve environmental problems.”

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