Mercedes EQS SUV

Mercedes EQS SUV launched- comes with Offroad Mode, MBUX Hyperscreen, and lots of tech.

Mercedes EQS SUV has a battery of 107.8 kWh and a WLTP range of 660km.

Mercedes launched its first all-electric SUV, the Mercedes EQS SUV. It is the third model in the EQ series after the EQS Sedan and EQE. 

The SUV offers plenty of space, comfort, and connectivity for up to seven passengers. It is an all-wheel-drive vehicle and has a long wheelbase of 3210 mm. Apart from the Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Individual modes, it also has an Offroad mode. 

The production of the Mercedes EQS SUV will begin in a few months at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa (USA). It will come to market in the second half of 2022.


Range and Battery

The Li-ion battery with a capacity of 107.8 kWh provides a range of up to 660km.  

The battery management system allows updates over the air (OTA) and keeps the energy management up-to-date. The battery has a warranty of 10 years or 250,000 kilometers. The casing of the battery is thermal and crash-proof.



The SUV comes with a DC fast-charging system with a charging capacity of up to 200 kW. High charging currents can be maintained for a long time through temperature and charging management. Just 15 minutes of charging can provide a 250 km range.

The Mercedes EQS SUV comes with three charging programmes- Standard, Home, and Work. In these, parameters such as departure time, air conditioning, and maximum charge level can be preset.
The Home and Work charging programmes are activated based on location. It automatically charges the vehicle when it is parked at a charging point at the positions stored in the system.

Mercedes EQS SUV Interior

The interior of the Mercedes EQS SUV is spacious and luxurious. The MBUX Hyperscreen is the interior highlight.


MBUX Hyperscreen

The large and curved MBUX Hyperscreen spans across both the front seats. Three screens sit under a single bonded glass cover and visually merge into one display to offer an immersive experience.
The screen is 141 cm wide and is scratch-resistant. In addition to the zero-layer design, the MBUX Hyperscreen offers an intuitive touch operation with haptic feedback and force feedback.

MBUX HyperScreen

The boot space of the Mercedes EQS SUV is very generous. There are up to 800 litres behind the second row of seats and 2020 litres when the second row is not in use. With all seven seats in use, a volume of 195 litres remains behind the third row of seats.

The EQS SUV also has a Digital light headlamp technology that enables innovative functions, such as the projection of auxiliary markings or warning symbols onto the road.
Two different head-up displays (HUD) are optionally available. The Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD) shows relevant information and actions three-dimensionally.

The interior also has a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). It cleans the incoming outside air at its very high filtration level. The activated charcoal in the HEPA and cabin air filters reduces sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and odours.

Mercedes EQS SUV Exterior

The innovative and holistic design of the Mercedes EQS SUV is based on a new vehicle architecture. The front of the car has a ‘Black Panel’ unit. The SUV has flush door handles, and a panoramic sunroof is available as an option. 

The chassis of the new EQS SUV comprises a four-link axle at the front and an independent multi-link suspension at the rear. The AIRMATIC air suspension with continuously adjustable damping ADS+ is standard equipment. To increase ground clearance, the vehicle level can be raised by up to 25 mm.

Driving assistance system

The Assistance Package of the Mercedes EQS SUV includes three driving assistance systems:

  1. Active Distance Assist- On all types of roads highways, country roads, or in the city this intelligent system can automatically maintain a preset distance from vehicles ahead. 
  2. Blind Spot Assist- It can warn the driver visually and, when the direction indicator is on, also acoustically of lateral collisions if other road users are in the blind spot during the drive or when exiting the vehicle. 
  3. Active Lane Keeping Assist- In a range from 60 to 250 km/h, Active Lane Keeping Assist uses a camera to detect when lanes markings or edges of roads are crossed, helping the driver to avoid leaving the lane unintentionally. 

Parking assist

The EQS SUV comes with the Parking Package with a reverse camera as standard. 

With Remote Parking Assist, the driver can manoeuvre the vehicle into and out of parking spaces from close by using a smartphone. It will provide more comfort when getting in and out and protects against damage when opening the doors.

The Memory Parking Assist can remember parking locations, such as how to get to and from the garage at home. 

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Mercedes EQS SUV
Mercedes EQS SUV


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