Lucid Air won the Best Product 2020 award
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Lucid Air won the Best Product 2020 award.

Lucid Air won the Best Product 2020 award at the Annual Forbes transportation awards.

The Annual Forbes transportation awards 2020 took place on 3rd January. Upcoming electric car from California-based Lucid Motors- the Lucid Air won the award for the Best Product.

The Lucid Air will arrive in 2021. It is considered as the first true competitor to Tesla’s Model S. This electric sedan is developed by Peter Rawlinson, the ex-Tesla chief engineer.

Lucid Air Specifications

Lucid Air is a completely electric car. The extended range pack has a range of 517 miles(832 km). It takes just 20 minutes of DC fast charge for a 300 miles travel.

It goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. The top speed is 168 mph.

It has got a 5-Star Safety Rating from NHTSA in the United States.

It comes with up to 32 sensors, including standard high-resolution LIDAR, radar, cameras, and ultrasonics for a complete data set.

Lucid Air’s cabin has eight airbags, which provide complete safety in case of an accident.

It is available in four different models.

  1. Lucid Air Pure- $69,900
  2. Air Touring- $87,500
  3. Air Grand Touring- $131,500
  4. Air Dream Edition- $161,500

Other Award Winners

Founder and CEO of NIO- William Li won the award for Most Intriguing Newcomer. NIO is an electric vehicle startup based in Shanghai.

Elon Musk won The Forbes Person of the Year in transportation.

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